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The hack attack on Sony, prompts assessment from U.S. officials

The National Security Officials are now in a fix to reassess the standards which should be used by the government in case of a digital attack on any private company. The hack of Sony Pictures Entertainment, has completely astonished the various United States Government officials leading to the sudden reassessment of the situation. The attacks have increased greatly in the recent times and the experts believe that the levels of security needs to be improved greatly. According to the National Security Agency Director, Michael Rogers, the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment was a complete ‘Game Changer’ for the security agency.Sony-logo_002

According to Mr. Rogers, the section of entertainment was never considered to be an area which could be exposed as a critical section of National Security. Thus, the attack on Sony was unexpected which caught both Sony and NSA off guard. On the other hand, the attack has also exposed quite a few weak links in the security system of the United States. Cyber Security is one of the major concerns for all the major sectors now and the field of entertainment does not fall behind as well.

The attack was carried out by the North Korean Government claimed by the United States. This has lead to a tightening of the relations between the two nations. The reports suggest that the attack was done in order to cancel the release of a film and cripple thousands of computers and devices. The attack worked to a certain extent, but has had a huge aftermath on both the nations.

At present, literally are interdependent on each other for various needs and in such a situation, with the space crunch in Cyber Space, it will be interesting to see how the United States Government deals with the attacks in future. Both government and the various companies will have to work in collaboration to stand againt such attacks.

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