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Range of wearable technology showcased at CES 2015

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2015) in Las Vegas sees a range of wearable devices ranging from affordable fitness trackers to strap-on heart rate monitors. A range of smartwatches and wearables were put up on display including the new smart clothes with sensors were also displayed during the show._80137627_96adf597-5894-4767-9f0a-ca7b77d3a84a

Strap-on heart rate monitor AmpStrip monitors heart rate and activity while it is attached to the users’s torso and remains hidden. Dave Monahan, Chief executive of FitLinxx stated that the adhesive can be replaced and used again. He added that wearables will only be successful when it becomes invisible and fades into the life.

Another product Lechal haptic inner soles developed by Indian startup syncs with a smartphone via Bluetooth and provides notifications through vibrations. The soles can provide fitness alerts like a rival running faster or for directions. Co-founder of Ducere Technologies Krispian Lawrence states that there is already technology on how a show is constructed, the material used and the shock-absorbing technology.

France Cityzen Sciences and UK’s Cambridge Consultants are displaying the prototypes of smart shirts that have sensors embedded in the fabrics. GameTraka, a GPS-enabled device developed by Australian start-up that sits on the back of the wearer’s neck to provide performance data from games like rugby and basketball.

Fitness tracker maker Misfit revealed a solar-charging model that is hidden by a Swarvoski crystal making the device into a fashionable accessory. Misfit’s director Lindsay Kresch stated that the company wanted to make something beautiful and functional that people wanted to wear.

The bestsellers were Fitbit’s products which have a plastic design, but is partnering with designer Tony Burch for designing fashionable gold and silver tracker bracelets. Smartwatch expert Martian unveiled watches that can take in commands and display notifications on small readout. Fossil has announced its plans to launch its range of tech-based wearables by partnering with Intel.

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