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20 Best Android Apps You Should Try In 2015

The app world has only become bigger and vaster than before as we enter the New Year. However, much of the app world is populated by imitative me-too copies of popular apps. Also, there is nothing available for the Android user to find out the best apps for his/her use. Therefore, we dived into this huge ocean of apps that are available on android to find out the best ones for your daily use and requirements.

We combed through thousands of apps to discover some really interesting ones. From making your phones secure against external snooping, to creating special moments with your special someone, to handling mundane activities such as cooking, shopping and financial management in a fun way, to keeping yourself fit and healthy, the following list contains the choicest must have apps for use in 2015 to make the New Year a more interesting and enriching experience.

1. Viber:


What sets Viber apart from other similar communication apps is the ability it grants a user, to easily transfer a voice call to your PC and continue from there. Will not that be extremely helpful if your phone battery is running low and you don’t want your video call with your angry girlfriend to suddenly get cut off? Similarly, you could even switch between your PC or your phone while texting someone.

2. TextSecure:


Do you know that most apps which you regularly use have access to your messages, even SMSes as well? Do you know that telecom network is sometimes bound by law to read your messages? If you are worried about your privacy, then this is the best app to stay secure and not let your government snoop on you. It not only encrypts your messages that travel through air, but also encrypts your stored messages, thus preventing apps from unfairly accessing them. Combine this with NowSecure and RedPhone and your phone will become an impregnable fort.

3. RedPhone:


With privacy as being the most important right that is under attack in today’s highly connected world, the RedPhone is a blessing to callers worldwide. The RedPhone creates a secure VoIP network within which the app’s users connect to other app users. Making calls through this private network means that your calls are encrypted and secure from prying ears and government agencies. How’s that for getting a feel of ‘underground rebellion’? Combine this app with TextSecure and NowSecure apps and your phone will become an impregnable fort.

4. Circle of 6:


Ever felt that you are part of a special group of friends? A clique that is unique in itself? A circle that is comprised of brother’s keepers? Then use this amazing App because it helps you get out of dangerous situations with the help of your friends. With just two quick taps, you can send out an SOS styled pre-written text messages to as many as 6 of your friends. The message details your GPS location and a request to be rescued/picked up.

5. LastPass Password Manager Premium:


With so many different websites and online bank accounts, it becomes a tad difficult to remember all the passwords, especially when security conscious websites ask you to create passwords with a mix of numbers, capital letters, small letters, special characters and the like. Avoid creating just one password for all important sites as that makes you vulnerable to hacking and phishing. The LastPass App is great because it helps you safely secure your multiple passwords, your notes and automated filled forms.

6. Hotspot Shield VPN:


What if you wanted to urgently transfer money using your bank account and the only internet available is public Wi-Fi hotspot. Will you trust the public Wi-Fi to conduct such a transaction? Yes, you will, if you have the Hotspot Shield VPN because with this App, all your online activities will be encrypted and routed through the secure servers of the app’s developers.

7. Zombies, Run!:


Holy balls!!! That’s what it is. Now you can combine your gamer’s heart with a healthy body. Finally! As you use the app, you will be chased by Zombies as part of a good storyline that lets you be the hero of your world. You have to win by running. Use it with headphones to experience top notch voice acting and environment sounds. Additionally, you can add your favorite songs to each episode in the game. This is the way to get fit in 2015.

8. LokLok:


This awesome app is a scribbler’s paradise. It is great for use when you feel too lazy in the morning to open the lockscreen, then go to the messaging app, then type out your message. With this app, all you have to do is just scribble with your fingers on the lockscreen of your phone and amazeballs, whatever you scribble will appear on the recipient’s lockscreen. Perfect for sending early morning messages to loved ones or quickly reminding your juniors to send the assignment before you hit your office desk.

9. RouteShoot:


What if you want to become the first traveler to discover Atlantis or the treasures of EL Dorado or some exotic locale travelling through rainforests? Now use this App, which lets you record the route that you take in your travels, not just for creating memories, but also for future references for yourself and other travelers. The app enables you to create a POV styled Google street view videos. Discover new lands with this app and record it for history.

10. Lunacycle:


A great app, not just for women, but for the whole couple. It helps women to track their health and fertility related information. It allows women to chart their monthly ovulation cycles. Now gone will be the days when one used to mark calendars or risk mental recollection. Interestingly, based on your past data input, the app also predicts your future cycles and measures your health and fertility. It will no longer be confusing to determine whether your love-making day clashes with a control day!!

11. Sleepbot:


It stays awake when you are asleep. If you are curious about the fact, whether you are a snorer or not, or if you talk in your sleep or not, then this is the best app for you. This app tracks your nocturnal movements and noises using your phone’s microphone and accelerometer. Also the app intelligently determines the lightest parts of your sleep cycle to wake you up on ideal times, so that you won’t feel sleep deprived.

12. Pepperplate:


For budding chefs who need a little organized and professional help, pepperplate is the app of choice. You can not only create and store your own recipes, but you can also import recipes from other sources such as Allrecipes and Epicurious. You can import on your desktop and then sync those recipes with your phone. Also, the app enables you to build your shopping lists for the next culinary storm that you have been planning for your kitchen

13. Couple:


Couple is a great app for two people who are in love and who want to build their own private presence in an otherwise very open cyber world. You can create your own shared timeline and remember all your special moments in an uncluttered way. Both can simultaneously doodle and sketch on their phones. The Thumbkiss is an exciting feature to use and explore. Find it out yourself. Additionally, if you are feeling naughty, then you can also send some pics without worrying about privacy as those photos will automatically disappear after some time.

14. iOnRoad Augmented Driving:


Install this app on your phone and transform your car into a collision warning machine. Your friends will feel poorer for having purchased a costlier car for the same features that are provided in this under $5 app (it is also available for free). The app works similar to a collision warning system by alerting you to any physical object if it looms too close such as a car or the dividers in a parking lane.

15. Twickets:


Feeling down after your friends informed that they have different plans than hanging out at a concert with you? No worries, now you can get back your ticket’s money worth by selling it to other interested buyers on Twickets. If you missed out on buying tickets earlier, you can scout the app for sellers. The best thing about the app is that a seller cannot sell more than the face value of the ticket and therefore louts and profiteers are kept out and genuine fan interaction happens. Who knows you might find your best concert friend on it?

16. Money Tracker:


All of us have had moments of utter bewilderment at the end of every salaried month, when we wonder where did all of our money go. Now download this highly useful app, which will let you keep track of your personal incomings and outgoings. With this app, now you can plan your finances better and increase your savings. Basically the app will make you your own personal accountant.

17. ShopAdvisor:


Since most online websites keep revising prices for different products almost on a weekly basis, it becomes difficult to figure out if you are getting the best deal at the time you are making a purchase. This app lets you see a product’s past pricing history and helps you determine if in the future the price is set to go further down. In a way it also checks your impulsive buying tendencies and delays your purchases in an indirect way, thus eliminating frivolous expenses.

18. SnapPea:



SnapPea is a really smart way for wirelessly transferring files from your pc to tablet/phones and vice-versa. Now no longer do you have to rely on the slower Bluetooth transfer speeds. It can also quickly help back up your device before you decide to format your storage spaces. Also it enables you to send messages from your computer through your mobile, in a fun way.

19. Umano:


Find news too boring to read? or find no time at all to catch up on the latest news? Then let Umano do the talking, literally!! Umano is an app that employs the recordings from professional voice actors to read long-form articles from credible sources like the The New Yorker, The Atlantic and many others.

20. Lumosity:


Are you noticing that you are unable to remember people’s names that easily as you used to earlier? Or do you fear that your mental sharpness is losing its edge? Then download Lumosity as that is the perfect app to train and challenge your brain back into an Einsteinian mode of thinking. It is an app that has been designed by brain scientists and features exciting and interesting games to sharpen your brain and memory power.

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