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CES 2015 to focus on ‘Internet of Things’ and 4K TVs

The Consumer Electronics Show 2015 (CES) to be held in Las Vegas next week will see an increasing focus on “Internet of Things” products. More than 100 companies are expected to showcase their IoT products, services and technologies during the event.ces2015

Though IoT products have been showcased in the past at CES for several years, the new products and services are likely to have increased focus due to the growing market in the coming years. IoT products comprise mainly of devices that are connected to computers, internet or any other household appliances. The devices are equipped with sensors that collect user data or the environment in which the devices operate.

“The Internet of Things is the hottest topic in tech right now,” said Karen Chupka, an organizer at the Consumer Electronic Association.

Chupka mentioned that it’s about the opportunity to connect everyday items like cars, home security systems to networked devices like computer or smartphones for greater control and management over everyday lives. As most issues have been sorted out and the entry of second and third generation devices the ” connected home” products are expected to grab the attention during the event.

The latest and massive television display with Ultra High Definition or 4K is will be featured that is rising in popularity among consumers. The 4K television sets are also witnessing a decrease in price and reports indicated that the event might showcase 8K display TV’s. Bob O’ Donnell, an analyst at Technalysis stated that the market for 4K sets is ready now with prices falling below $1000.

The 2015 CES event, one of the biggest electronics events will be held during Jan.6-9. For the first time, the event will have dedicated area for done, a 25 percent bigger area for robotic devices and a wide range of wearable technology that will be showcased by over 35,000 exhibitors.

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