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Steve Wozniak revealed the reality of garage part of Apple’s journey

Steve Wozniak, one of the founders of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) reveals the less known facts about the company and the explains that the garage part of the formation of the company was actually a myth. He explains that the garage was used to drive down finished products to the store and designs were not done there.imrs.php

Wozniak and Steve Jobs had to solder things like chips and other parts, design and draw them at his cubicle at Hewlett-Packard in Cupertino. The co-founder also stated that the garage, which was christened as a historic site was not actually the birthplace of Apple. Woz added that there were hardly more than two people in the garage and was used mainly due to the lack of money and to get the feeling of working from home.

“The garage is a bit of myth. It’s overblown,” said Woz.

During his growing partnership with Jobs, Woz was working in HP and describes the five-year period an incredible time. The first Apple computer was developed in the summer of 1975 and Apple II was developed in the next summer, he added. However the garage story has inspired several entrepreneurial books.

The world thought that Apple products developed from the garage, but Woz mentioned that no development or design took place there. However a survey has revealed that 48 percent businesses emerged from garages. Woz revelations in the Bloomberg interview explains the fact that the success of Apple products was based purely on his experiences with HP and Jobs knowledge after working at Atari.

Last year, the original Apple machine was sold for $390,000 and the company now awaits the release of the Apple Watch in the 21st century. Developed in a garage or not the inspiring stories of Jobs and Woz will remain in the hearts of startups and management students for developing a unique lineup of products.

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