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How to view Google Chrome Browser History on iPhone, iPad and Android?

Have you ever wondered about the “History” button of Google Chrome iOS app? I guess you can’t find it (Update: It’s there now!). Actually it’s not there. Then how to check the history of your chrome iOS browser? Below are some tips, I tried to gather, which might help you to find the history.

Google has suggested that the History can be accessed from Chrome Browser from Menu Icon. But in mobile app, there is no “History or Menu” icon. You may try the below steps to get access to your browser history.


Check & Clear history on Chrome iOS app:


Previously, users has to go to chrome://history in address bar to access the Browser history. Google Chrome app faced lots of criticism to not to provide browser history and clearing option. But Good News is you need to update your Google Chrome browser if it won’t updated automatically. Google Chrome Version 28.0.1500.12 and above version of the iOS app makes this task easy.

Go to The Menu Key > Settings and there you can tap on history. You can also clear the history data there.

On Google Chrome Android browser app:


Open Google Chrome app, Tap on the address bar and here you need to type chrome://history in the address bar. It will show the recent history with most recent one are in the top. You need to tap on each and every history pages and select remove to delete history.

This might be the lengthier process  so in order to clear data, cache and history in one shot, you should follow these: Menu > Settings > Advanced > Privacy and tap on check boxes besides presented list of data types and tap on Clear button.

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