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Amazon Releases The Workforce Diversity Data, It’s A Male Dominated Company

Amazon.com (NASDAQ:AMZN) has released its diversity data for the first time in the company history. It shows that the company is male dominated which accounts for 63% of the employees. On the other hand, the female workforce accounts for 37% of the company’s total employee count.amazon-workforce-diversity

The data has been released after census in Amazon offices around the world. In the US, Amazon has 60% white employees, 15% black, 13% Asian and 9% Hispanic. Considering the stats, we can conclude that Amazon.com possesses more black workforce when compared with the other companies like Google Inc and Apple Inc. Both Apple and Google also released their workforce diversity stats in May and August respectively.

The experts are, however skeptic about the workforce diversity stats released by Amazon.com. The reason for the same lies in the profile of the company as it has more non technical jobs than its counterparts like Google and Apple. Hence, such companies try to involve more black people in order to increase the workforce diversity within the company.

When we check out the management level positions at Amazon.com, it is segmented into 75% males and 25% females. When it comes to ethnicity at the management level, it gives a data of 71% whites and 18% Asians. Blacks and Hispanics account for 4% each.

The companies still have to work out their workforce diversity patterns and there is a long way ahead of them. Amazon works on Affinity groups as well that provide a great input on where the focus of its diversity efforts shall be in order to represent the various groups within the company.

Amazon has also taken a worthwhile step in empowering the technical women in the company. The project is called, ‘Amazon Women in Engineering’.

The diversity stats of Amazon.com are impressive, but we will have to wait and see how consistent it will be in the coming years.

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