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Ford can easily match Tesla with electric cars: Ford CEO

When it comes to competition between two car makers, the effects are seen on the cars they manufacture. In this case, Ford CEO Mark Fields has made a clear statement about the potential of Ford to make electric cars of good quality and class. The Ford CEO Mark Fields made it very clear that Tesla is not the only car maker with the potential to build good quality electric cars. According to him, Ford also has the expertise and the talent required to make something better that the electric cars moving on the roads at present.Ford can easily match Tesla with electric cars: Ford CEO

Although Fields has made no direct statement pointing towards any recent such venture of Ford, but it seems that the Ford CEO is looking to make his stand clear about electric cars and its future with Ford. At present, Ford is only into manufacturing hybrid car models which do hold on to certain features of an all-electric car. The only all-electric car from Ford’s frontier is the small ‘Focus Electric’.

In a press conference related to Ford’s performance in the last quarter ending in September, the Ford CEO seemed equally interested in discussing about Tesla and the all-electric car issue. Mr. Fields has made it very clear that Ford has the quality to make its own all-electric car and it will not be copying anything from Tesla’s Model S sedan. Instead, Ford might very well end up making something bigger and much better when it comes to performance.

It is undoubted that the engineering found in the Ford cars is of exquisite quality and can easily match up with others of the same level. Since Ford CEO has not made any direct statement about when they will start with their own all-electric car, it must be presumed that one will have to wait for it.

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