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After Dropcam, Google’s Nest buys Revolv, a home automation startup

Google Inc. (GOOG:US) has acquired Revolv, a home automation startup that develops hardware for consumers to control appliances through a mobile app. The announcement was made by Nest labs, a digital-thermostat company which was acquired by Google this year.google-nest-revolve


The company move is aimed at expanding the business of making intelligent home appliances like light bulbs, locks, washing machines and many more. Earlier in June, Nest Labs had acquired Dropcam, a video monitoring service in preparation for home automation. Revolv manufactures hardware and develops connectivity software for several appliances at home and other gadgets. The terms of the acquisition were not revealed.

Revolv is officially a Nest company” said Nest in its blog.

Revolv is also funded by Foundry Group and SK ventures. The home automation business is seen as a growing business with the entry of Apple with its HomeKit technology and Samsung with the acquisition of SmartThings, a similar startup. Nest has partnered with Jawbone fitness trackers for turning on a thermostat when a user wakes up. Revolv will help Nest in further developing the wireless and radio technology.

The Colorado-based startup in Boulder stated it was thrilled to a be a part of Nest family and it would create amazing products. The company will offer support to existing customers though it would not accept new customers. The small team of the engineers will remain in the existing office. Home automation has already entered the market, but the challenge of managing multiple appliances through a single app and monitoring the appliances remain a challenge. The leading tech companies are in the process of development of more intelligent systems and apps.

Now with Google’s aims, it seems that the IT giant is planning to dig into some critical issues related to Home Security as well as Home Automation. Google bought NEST in early January 2014 for $3.2 billion, and roughly around 4 months later, Google acquired Dropcam for $555 million to fit into its Nest segment. Former Apple engineers, Tony Fadell (the designer behind Apple iPod) and Matt Rogers co-founded the Nest in 2010, 4 years before Google acquired the company.

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  1. Congratulations to Nest for acquiring first Dropcam and now Revolv. It really seems like they want to position themselves as leaders of the smart home industry. I am really looking forward to seeing improvements on all products. I am still waiting for an outdoor version of the Dropcam though. I sincerely hope it will be launched anytime soon!

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