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Kids to Superheroes with this 3D printed Iron Man Prosthetic hand

No, it’s not Robert Downey Jr. but 3D printer technology that has worked its magic to craft a prosthetic Iron Man like hand. This is not for any kind of spoof of the Marvel motion picture, but to fulfill a kindergarten kid’s wish, who suffers from a rare ailment.keith-harris-iron-man-hand

A great gesture done because this kid Keith Harris, who received this prosthetic hand was born with a deformed right hand. This meant that he could not use it properly as it was underdeveloped. The rare ailment is called symbrachydactly, which causes the fingers to fuse together, eliminating the abilities of his hand.

With just $45, this “prosthetic hand” gave the kid from Texas an all new confidence. Remember Finding Nemo, Keith just got its lucky fin and it is an Iron Man like hand. The kid was overjoyed with this gift and was seen giving high-fives to his classmates. He studies in the Mossman Elementary School.

A traditional prosthetic hand would cost around $40,000, but a group of volunteers from E-Nable Organization, came forward and decided to 3D print a special hand for him. Mrs. Harris, Keith’s mother told that he was always uncomfortable about his hand. People often stared at it or even come to question about it, which he disliked.

Initially on receiving the help and getting a 3D printed hand, Keith was very much nervous. Constantly facing difficulties because of the deformed right hand, he loves his brand new Iron Man prosthetic version. The t-shirt worn by him read, ”Ten fingers are overrated” and he is having a gala time with his new hand. All his classmates think he is cool and the ailment does not matter anymore.

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