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Facebook hunts for compromised passwords to protect its users

The stolen passwords are being looked for by the social media giant, Facebook. When it comes to security, Facebook has gone leaps and bounds ahead these days when it comes to privacy and account security.facebook-id-password

This Friday, the company announced that it has built a system which will scan the websites with stolen credentials and will match the data with the records of its own. This is how the stolen passwords will be recovered.

The Security Engineer of the Social Media Company Chris Long wrote in his post, “This is a completely automated process that doesn’t require us to know or store your actual Facebook password in an unhashed form.”

In case Facebook finds out the matching password, the users will receive a notification regarding the same. A common sense advice has been offered by Long which calls for not using the same password for every website a user works on.

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The Dropbox security scare that happened last week has installed great fear among the big companies. The incident confirmed that the colossal companies don’t need to be hacked in order to be compromised. Dropbox reflected on the big problem by saying that the stolen username-password combinations had been swiped from Dropbox but were obtained from the other devices. They were hence posted on Pastebin, which is one of the much used “paste” websites that enables the users to share plain text. This can involve computer code or stolen passwords too.

After the Dropbox tragedy, the move by the social media giant is being appreciated by the experts.

here are a few additional ideas for protecting yourself online:

  • Enable Login Approvals, our two-factor authentication solution, to add an extra layer of security for your account. You’ll enter a security code from your phone when logging in from a new browser.
  • Use Facebook Login when you need to sign into other websites. You won’t have to create (or remember) a username or password, and the service won’t be able to post on your behalf unless you let it. Even if the website you are logging into ever gets compromised, the attacker won’t have a copy of your password.

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