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Salesforce.com’s largest software event Dreamforce: Watch Live

Salesforce.com’s Dreamforce Conference, the company largest software event starts today with a hackathon and several events during the weekend. Developers were invited for developing the best mobile app using Salesforce technology during the conference in San Francisco. To watch the event live, click on the “Live Stream” link at the end.1-million-Hackathon-to-kick-off-Salesforces-Dreamforce-event

The 12th Dreamforce conference will be attended by more than 135,000 people from 80 countries and 3 million online attendees. The conference will include keynote speeches, celebrities and cloud computing. Prominent personalities like Former secretary of state Rodham Clinton will interact with a Q&A session after speeches by Vice President Al Gore, musician Neil Young and Arianna Huffington. The annual event will feature a Children’s Hospital Benefit Concert by Dreamforce Gala and UCSF Benioff and anchored by Grammy winner Bruno Mars.

“At Dreamforce this year, attendees will see the future of the cloud, social and mobile technologies,” said Marc Benioff, CEO of Salesforce.

A new wearable device will be unveiled by i.am founder will.i.am. Several tech personalities like Microsoft’s Tony Prophet, members of “PayPal Mafia” and Hodi Parotovi, Code.org founder are expected to attend the event. Attendees have the chance to win $1 million prize money during the hackathon while developers have a grand prize of $250,000 for the best mobile app using Salesforce technology. Last year, Salesforce faced a controversy of a rigged hackathon where the winner had actually won the second prize.

Salesforce.com also expects to collect funds to feed one million meals for the hungry. Charitable organizations like Project Night Night and Project Talk, Read, Sing are also involved in on-site fund collection for children. Benioff stated that he not only aimed at the future of the industry, but in future for everyone. Visitors at the Moscoone Convention Center are invited to take part in the Dreamforce food drive for Marin Food Bank and other organizations in the world.  The winner of the hackathon will be announced on Oct.16.

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