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Foxconn’s CEO blames Apple rivals for iPhone 6 Plus “Bendgate” issue

The CEO of Foxconn Technology group is considered to be an outspoken person and a recent example of it is out. He has blamed rivals for the “Bendgate” issue in iPhone 6 Plus. Foxconn was the maker of Apple iPhone 6 Plus.iphone-6-plus-bendtest

Terry Gou, the CEO of Foxconn almost ridiculed the fact of phone bending and commented, “How can a phone bend? This was all caused by distortions from competitors. Don’t blindly listen to it”.

The “Bendgate” issue has been haunting the company from last month after pictures were being posted on the internet showing how iPhone 6 Plus can easily bend with being kept inside the pocket for long. The rivals of Apple were also not left behind in mocking the new iPhone 6 Plus over the bending problem.

Apple commented that the complaints have been staged and phone warping was not very common among the users.

Foxconn, that is the main supplier for Apple is not leaving any trace of complacence in tracking out the problem’s root. The CEO of the company, Gou said, “Hands are made to shake hands, not for bending”.

Back in June, Gou was seen mocking the phones that possessed curved screens as he was really not impressed with the way technology was implemented in them. Gou has apparently become a joke of his own crop these days. We will have to wait and see how he tackles the complaints of phone warping effectively without blaming his rivals.

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