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iRobot develops a tablet based multi-robot control application

Military men will now use Android applications on their tablets to control more than 6,000 robots. iRobot, the company develops and supplies robots to the military for defense and security purposes, is launching a special application, uPoint Multi-Robot Control system for the same. The robots are deployed worldwide as they can perform well in adverse conditions.irobot-tablet-app-controller

The combination of high-end robot technology with Android is very interesting. The machines will be operated easily using touch controls on the application. It seems like a sci-fi movie but everything is happening for real. Based on the Multi-Robot Control system, this Android app will be one of its kind. This simplifies controlling more than one robot at a time and the controller will be able to switch between different robots from the app. Also the data sharing will update every member of the team about the present situation.

The military team that handles the robots and other droids are pleased with the news. Now they can easily train new recruits to handle the machines with this simple Anrdoid-based application and the government will not have to spend so much on training. Coming to the uPoint application, it has a live screen, which shows everything clear from the camera of the robot connected to it. You can view all the sensors and get track of its location easily. The application running on your tablet enables you to steer it and perform tasks just by dragging your finger on the touchscreen.

For security purposes Bluetooth systems have not been installed to communicate with the robots. The most secure way of handling communication is radio signals, which are based on iRobot’s own radio network. The army of robots is all set to serve the world in mid-2015, when this system will be available.

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