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No more Samsung devices for Chinese officials – Banned!

A few months ago, the Chinese government was said to have prohibited all state officials and agencies from using Apple devices and the now the Chinese government has banned Samsung devices too. However, in Apple products’ issue, China later said that the issue has been greatly exaggerated.samsung-china

Chinese government thought Apple hardware are used to spy over china and banned Apple devices for the Country officials. Apple has denied this for several times and now Samsung has added to the banned list. Not only these issues, but also Chinese officials were barred from installing Windows 8 Operating system on their PCs.

Huawei, a supplier of networking gear, has for years fended off allegations from the U.S. that it secretly spies for the Chinese government. But last year the dispute appeared turned on its head when leaks alleged the U.S. had been secretly spying on China. Not only had the U.S. National Security Agency hacked into Chinese telecommunication companies, but also spied on the communications of Huawei executives, according to documents from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. PCWorld

PhoneArena has pointed out that the Chinese government has added Samsung in their banned list and they were trying to boost the development of their local manufacturers.

The government began performing independent tests on Xiaomi phones after reports in recent months that some models automatically send user data back to the firm’s servers in mainland China, Gin-Shian Lou, a director at Taiwan’s National Communications Commission, said on Wednesday. – Reuters

Not only China, but also Taiwan is investigating Xiaomi for verifying whether Xiaomi is a threat to their nation. Already, Taiwan police force has barred using We Chat app for maintaining security information.

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