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NVIDIA’s ultimate graphics processor clears the moon landing controversy

The Nvidia Corporation has stated that the design of their latest chip is such that it can even prove that in the year 1969, the moon landing originally took place. Nvidia is extremely excited about the advanced technology that they have in their hands presently and in the excitement have gone on to claim that all the conspiracy theories were staged by opponents. Nvidia is presently working on a technology named Voxel Global Illumination as a part of Nvidia’s Maxwell Graphics Processor design. According to the corporation, this is the most advanced technology that we have in relation to graphics processors presently.

Nvidia creates ultimate graphics processor clearing the moon landing controversy

The Engineers of Nvidia Corporation have used the Voxel Global Illumination Technology to create a virtual 3-dimensional model from the pictures and the video footage available of the first landing of man on the moon. The Chief Executive Officer Jen Hsun Huang demonstrated the qualities of the new chip developed by Nvidia and showed hat how the processor creates the virtual 3-dimensional images.

According to the engineers it is very easy to simulate the light in case we can project the 3-dimensional images correctly. This will certainly help in proper simulation of light such that one can enhance the graphics of computer games to a better extent.The majority of the modern day video games uses manual placement of light sources within the virtual world of gaming. With this technology, the developers will be able to interact with the virtual world, leading to more accurate use of light and thus in turn better graphics.

The engineers have used the light in the same way as it is supposed to enhance computer games to create the virtual scene of the first moon landing in the year 1969. Nvidia Corporation is happy that their engineers have designed something like this and more than that is pleased to have cleared the hoax.

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