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Google acquires ‘Jetpac City Guides’ iOS app for an undisclosed sum

Google has acquired Jetpac, an expertise in image recognition for an undisclosed sum. Jetpac City Guides iOS app has been a successful venture of the company, Jetpac. It’s time for Jetpac to board its final flight to the silicon valley. It is unknown that whether Google has decided to integrate Jetpac’s own image-recognition technology in its searching services or not.jetpac-google

After acquiring the Jetpac, Google has cancelled the iOS app of Jetpac; and it is still in the hands of Google that whether the acquisition is for placing the Jetpac in Silicon Valley parlance. The iOS app of Jetpac is quite simple and impressive, the app scans various photos in the Instagram to find photos of the user with their frequent locations.

Using this application, one can easily check out the various places visited by a person based upon their personality. Jetpac creates a city guide for the users, especially based upon your personality. For instance, if you were a pet lover, this application creates a unique city guide for yourself. The guide comes with top 10 list that has to be done with the current location, various places to check out and so on.

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Julian Green, CEO of Jetpac has explained in one of the recent interview:

“You can now search for places to go to in the way that you naturally visualize it, rather than reading through an amenities list or parsing text reviews. People use it to quickly get a sense of a place and the people who go there – photos don’t lie.”

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Jetpac technology may used in the Google+ and other services of Google to improve facial recognition. And Jetpac may be used to boost up the Google own searching algorithm and its local searches.

According to Techcrunch, Google might use the Jetpac team for further research and development of better search via location-based information from photo data. The main reason Google interested to buy Jetpac is, the announcement of a new feature by Jetpac. Jetpac recently announced that its users can leverage the machine learning as well as computer learning feature to search their photos for any items like pictures of sunsets, mountains, flora and foods.

Now that Google welcomes Jetpac team to its Mountain View office in CA, it’s time to the startup to board a ‘success’ flight from San Francisco, CA!

Here is the promo video of Jetpac:


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