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Microsoft launches WindUp against Snapchat for Windows Phone users

Microsoft really made a huge impact over the hearts of Windows mobile users by introducing WindUp application for windows mobiles. Microsoft Research has developed this application, especially for the windows mobile users.microsoft-windup-snapchat-clone-screenshot

This application was basically built to support text, audio and video messages similar to other application and also user can send disposable message similar to Snapchat. But Microsoft has designed in a peculiar manner, and it works a little bit differently. The messages sent by the sender will be received in the inbox of the recipient and it won’t simply disappear as soon as the user reads it. Rather than that, the sender can set a time limit for the messages and the message will disappear from the inbox when the particular time arrives.

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This increases the interactivity between the users and it forces them to read the messages with a particular time. Otherwise, the message will be automatically expired and deleted from the inbox. One more interesting thing is that, users who lag behind cannot view the messages sent by the users.

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The main problem arises is that, Microsoft has designed this software, particularly for windows mobile users only. So if you want to use this application, you need to sort out who is already using this software and find them out for using this application.

By developing this application, Microsoft has become the competitor for Snapchat. Currently, Microsoft has been making the efforts to verify the services of disposal messaging. Soon WindUp will become a rival for Snapchat application.

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