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Microsoft integrates Bing image search into Office Sway, the web presentation tool

The Web presentation tool of Microsoft is in the spotlight these days, thanks to the news about Bing Image Search being integrated into the web presentation tool, Sway. Sway is basically a new app that helps you showcase the ideas online, eliminating the design experience.microsoft-sway-bing-image-search

The update that has been embedded into this web presentation tool will enable the users to search for the pictures within Sway. These pictures can thus be dragged and dropped into your presentation. By implementing the new update, developers have made sure that the user does not have to go through the process of downloading the image into his hard drive and then upload it onto Office Sway.

This inclusion was done by Microsoft after continuous requests by its users. The users who belonged to the education space demanded for the feature to be included in Sway the most. These students wanted to use the option for looking at Creative Commons-licensed images directly from the web.

The users can simply get started with the new option by clicking on the dropdown menu labeled as “source” and selecting the option ‘Bing’ from there. The query can now be entered by the user into the search box. After doing so, you need to press Enter and an array of results appears before your eyes. The image searches are also suggested by the search engine in order to find pictures that match the footprints of the presentation.

The license terms of the original image can also be reviewed by employing the URL and using it with the source. When you click on “search all results” option, your search is expanded further. However, Microsoft has conveyed that the users will be responsible for not tampering the rights of others, including copyrights and hence, the users will have to be careful about using pictures for their presentation.

The blog post by the company read, “Integrating Bing image search is just the first step in our continuous journey to expand the value that Microsoft’s search platform can add to Sway, we’ll also bring more of Microsoft’s connected consumer and business services into Sway, along with other sources of content you are authorized to use.”

Watch Microsoft Sway vision video:

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