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Zaveeth Aslam F is an enthusiast, emerged into blogging, software development and technical writing. He loves to all aspects of Technology, Online Shopping, Gadgets and expert in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB, etc.). Before joining TheNextDigit, he worked with several organizations, and has a wide range of knowledge in field of Internet.He has a collection of gaming consoles from Gameboy to latest Xbox One. He writes news articles related to gaming, smartphones and other gadgets.

Spotify updates privacy policy, user outcry and the company apologize

Spotify, the Swedish media streaming service, which provides services such as music streaming, video streaming and also podcast, now apologized its global customers for the recent unexpected changes made in Spotify’s terms and conditions. The updated policy becomes a viral among the consumers, and which significantly takes away the point of respecting users’ privacies. The Swedish-based company, which has almost ...

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Microsoft Windows 10: Features you’re missing if not using right now

Microsoft Corporation’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) Windows 10 offers a number of features for its users, and it provides following list of features to the users, who downloaded it in their personal computer. According to reports, there are over 50 million devices which already runs on the latest free operating system update. This post is for those people who have yet to install ...

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Are you waiting for Apple iPad Air 3 release? Think again


To get the market during the holiday shopping season, Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) was expected to introduce new iPhones and iPads within the next month, but it remained unclear that which model of iPhone or iPad are going to be unveiled particularly. Since the broader tablet market continued to decline at a stretch, Apple has faced six consecutive quarters of declining ...

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FDA approves opioid OxyContin as a painkiller for 11-16 year old children

In general OxyContin is a lifeline for people struggling with chronic pains. This last Thursday, US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved that children within 11 to 16 years of age who feel less effect in other pain management alternatives can take the painkiller OxyContin only against prescription. Purdue Pharma, which is the manufacturer of the drug was consulted ...

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Men and women deal differently with relationship breakups, study says

According to a research journal published in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences, men and women have a long history of differences between emotional condition, mental grief, longevity of pain and stress as far as handling relationships are concerned. Lead researcher and research associate at Binghamton University, Craig Morris commented that now days women have turned to become choosier while selecting a mate and ...

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Apple Inc to release iOS 9 for public in next month

Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) tries hard to bring iOS 9, to the hands of its consumers through its flagship mobile devices. Apple iOS 9 is the newest operating system, in which Apple is consistently working to bring out more experience for its consumers. The company is just a month away from its official public release for its consumers. While compared to ...

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Documents reveal AT&T and NSA are BFFs in spying

National Security Agency (NSA) relied on its decades of long partnership AT&T Inc (NASDAQ:T) on spying on vast quantities of Internet traffic that are passing through the United States. Though it is well-known that NSA and US telecommunications work hand to hand for quite a while, the newly disclosed document of NSA suggests that its relationship with Dallas based AT&T is ...

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Scientists found a way to produce narcotics by hacking yeast

Latest research shows that Yeast can also make narcotics too. Yeast is a magical micro-organism, which has the ability to do chemical reaction to make beer and bread. A group of scientist from Stanford University, has experimented the strain of yeast (common brewer) to make the normal sugar to opioid drugs. Last year, Christina Smolke, bio-engineer announced that they have ...

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