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Zaveeth Aslam F

Zaveeth Aslam F is an enthusiast, emerged into blogging, software development and technical writing. He loves to all aspects of Technology, Online Shopping, Gadgets and expert in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB, etc.). Before joining TheNextDigit, he worked with several organizations, and has a wide range of knowledge in field of Internet.He has a collection of gaming consoles from Gameboy to latest Xbox One. He writes news articles related to gaming, smartphones and other gadgets.

Adobe fixes vulnerabilities in Flash through a set of patches

Adobe has announced that the Flash player is now completely free of vulnerability and various security updates as well as patches made Flash player as Zero-Vulnerability one. Adobe Flash is the most criticized software, which is installed in almost each and every computer in this world. Flash is also used as a web-content, which is used globally for offering rich ...

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Google removes ‘OK Google’ voice search from Chrome for desktops

It’s been a quite bad news for those people, who used to Google by saying “OK Google” on their personal computer for browsing. Yes, Google has removed the feature “OK Google” on the Chrome latest build. Recently, Google has released the latest version of Google Chrome Web Browser v. 46 for all major operating systems. By adding a few additional features ...

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Shovel Knight release date postponed, Xbox One cancelled, PS4-game price increased

Shovel Knight is about to release next week, and suddenly the release date was postponed. Accompanying the delay news of delaying the game release, Yacht Club Games give us another news that the price for the game for PS4 and other consoles has been increased from $19.99 to $24.99. Previously the game is about to sale in the coming weeks, and it is also available ...

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Google Chromecast 2015: A Quick Review

Upgrading Google Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) older Chromecast to a new model of Chromecast will not only provides you a good experience, but also worth your money. Chromecast 2015 is a well-build upgrade from the search engine giant, and which blows your minds, while using it. Chromecast, a smart device which acts as a gateway between the smartphone and Tvs. User can connect ...

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Whole Foods Market recalls cheese over Listeria outbreak

After finding Listeria Monocytogenes in a whole, uncut wheel of blue cheese of a particular brand by Food & Drug Administration, the Whole Foods Market has announced a recall for that particular brand of blue cheese, to prevent any sort of problems due to Listeria. The most popular Premium retailer, Whole Foods has announced today that they have initiated the recall ...

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Google search in Safari iOS browser to show app contents

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) has recently announced the indexing of iOS app content. This app indexing is the new feature that allows the Apple content to be displayed on your browser search. It was only available in the month of May, only for selected developers and on Google Chrome browser and the Google app. Only the select group of developers has the privileges to access this ...

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A female snake gives birth being alone for eight years

In this universe, the majority of the female species cannot deliver a baby without having intimacy with the male species. Almost, each and every species of this world cannot deliver a baby without a spouse. But, now a species of water snake have given birth without mating with the opposite sex. More than eight years, the lady is alone without ...

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Weekly browser game #3 – Sports Heads: Tennis Open

This week, I have come with an all new sports game, which brings out your energy while playing the game. Sports Heads: Tennis Open is a sports game, in which you can play tennis with a computer player or with an another human player. The main advantage of browser games is that it doesn’t require any installations on your personal computer. ...

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Motorola Moto X Pure/Style Edition Vs Motorola Moto X Play

Recently, Motorola has unveiled two of its flagship mobiles namely Motorola Moto X Pure Edition and Motorola Moto X Play. Both of the devices deserve the place in the heart of global consumers with its unique as well as extra-ordinary features. Both the smartphone has similar design and features, but few of them are different to distinguish the devices. Here ...

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