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7 Best Waterproof Android Phones

I have spoiled 3 smartphones in year 2014 because of rains, water spilled by my daughter and once, dropping the phone. Don’t we sometimes have a mail to write which we wish to write while taking a hot bath or sitting in a Jacuzzi? And sometimes thoughts cross our minds which need to be tweeted, but we are in the ...

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Web WhatsApp (Desktop PC) Round-Up: All You Need to Know

After years of waiting finally the day arrived when WhatsApp launched its very first web app. And although the recently launched version has limited functionality and not available for iOS users due to Apple platform limitations. One more thing that it will be working on Chrome browser only. We can also expect some more functionality for the Web app in the ...

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Apple iPhone 6/Plus: Best 3 Free Email Management Apps

With iOS 8, Apple definitely made its native Mail app much more useful and better than ever by adding some decent features, but for those power users who like to get the most out of their inbox, the Mail app is still a far cry from other powerful third-party alternatives. We take a look at 3 such awesome third-party mail apps ...

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Best 6 Apple iTunes 12 tips and tricks you should try

Apple has known to be one of the most extra ordinary providers of technology and software. The company has set up many benchmark and flagship products over the year and one of those products is iTunes, which has made such a wide market base. iTunes is no small part of the company it is a major revenue turner for Apple ...

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