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Apple Watch: 7 Surprises You will Know After Buying

Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) own smartwatch ‘Apple Watch’ continues to be a mystery to many as it is not launched in the market for everyone. May be just a handful of people have actually worn it and the speculations are creating a lot of hype in the market. With the launching due soon, everyone is very eager to have a peek at ...

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Here’s why smartphones win over tablets

We’ve seen the tablets grow and flourish for quite sometime in the past. But, recently there has been a drop in the sales of these tablets and research shows that this drop is going to continue. The biggest problem that the tablet market is facing is the uprise of a smartphone. The predecessor of the tablet, smartphones have now started doing ...

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Apple iPhone 7/6c/6s Plus Rumors that Possibly Come True

We humans have a tendency of wanting more and more. We rarely are satiated with what we have.  We’ve just laid our hands on the iPhone 6 and already we’re hungry for the iPhone 7. With an expected release date of 2015, September, the market is abuzz with rumors about the iPhone 7. If what is making the rounds is ...

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10 Things Every HTC One M9 Owner Should do

HTC One M9 is probably the smartest Android phone in the market which makes it absolutely important for you to know its key features so that you can operate it smoothly. There are some hidden features which you may not know about that will make your device even more awesome. So, in this article, we have jot down some of ...

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5G Internet: Things You Should Know About The Next Big Thing

With people still trying to grasp the idea of 4G, the mobile world is already hovering over the next generation of wireless network a.k.a 5G. Although the said 5G is supposed to be launched in 2020, researchers are still trying to figure out the benefits or weakness of the said network. They are of the opinion that it is useless ...

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