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Writer and specialized in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB etc), who was with the TND team since it's inception. Other than Blogging, he is also pursuing his graduation on Business Management at CA, California University. All posts by Wayne

Twitter adds strong password resetting options and login security

Twitter has added a new password resetting method, where users have to verify a code sent to his/her mobile number associated with the account. The atmosphere around the social networking sites after ‘Heartbleed’ is such that everyone fears a loss of users. This might very well be the reason why Twitter has already taken steps that will ensure to a certain ...

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Netflix hikes monthly charge to $8.99 for new users

Netflix is one of the largest companies in the Internet domain dealing with Videos in the United States of America. The company announced today that they have increased he monthly charges for the new users by $1. This means that from Friday people who join the Netflix community will have to pay a monthly charge of $9 instead of the ...

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Big Techies stand up with FCC’s Net Neutrality rules change

The tech giants like Google, Amazon and Microsoft have signed a letter stating a consent in favor of the change in the set of rules (a.k.a Net Neutrality) proposed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission. The tussle has already begun between the Network Providers and the Federal Communications Commission. Just along the side there is another hard fight beaming up between ...

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CISCO announced to invest about $150 million on startups

It is more often than not said that in order to make it to the big scenario, everyone needs a push at the right time. It seems that CISCO is planning to be the wall that will be delivering the push to many startup companies and companies that are presently running on small proportions. Cisco announced to allocate $150 million ...

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SanDisk unveiled 4TB SAS SSD with 3 new Lightning 1.6TB SSD

The scenario has always been such that the people are worried about clearing out the data so that they can have more space on their hard disks. Well, with the unveiling of the 4TB SSD by SanDisk, it seems that Technology has advanced thus a fair lot of distance. The issue of Space Crunch has always been the problem with ...

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Apple is developing Earpods to monitor heart rate and blood pressure

UPDATE: The person who “Secret.ly” leaked the information, has now revealed that it was a lie, just a joke. Shocking, isn’t it? read this post for more. The rumors that Apple will be venturing into various health related sectors seems to take on their image. We have been hearing the rumors about Apple coming up with devices like iWatch and applications ...

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Snapchat adds longer text chats and video chats, that disappears too!

Snapchat that faced major issues with security when the list of over 4.6 million users of SnapChat was leaked on the Internet on 1st of January by Hackers has went out of limelight, even after reportedly rejecting Facebook’s $3 billion offer. Now the disappearing messaging service will not be sitting in its core feature, where the company has now come ...

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