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Writer and specialized in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB etc), who was with the TND team since it's inception. Other than Blogging, he is also pursuing his graduation on Business Management at CA, California University. All posts by Wayne

Google’s driverless car might not be completely self driving anymore

Google has been undoubtedly working really hard to find a foot in the field of extraordinary vehicles. Speaking of extraordinary vehicles, Google’s dream self driving car is certainly one of the most extraordinary vehicles that mankind has seen. But the California Department of Motor Vehicles seems to be in the mood to spoil the dream of Google. According to the ...

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USIS data breach leaks out confidential data of 25000 employees

The United States faced yet another critical crisis related to data breach when a Virginia based firm, US Investigations Services compromised confidential data of approximately about 25,000 government employees. According to the reports, the Cyber Atack on USIS happened sometime back. It was only earlier this month the firm disclosed the data breach. USIS is one of the largest commercial ...

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Comcast set to launch ‘Xfinity On Campus’ this fall

Comcast officially makes the announcement of Xfinity On Campus which will allow the students to stream live TV and video on-demand across to their laptops, tablets and smartphones. The students will be able to use the feature while they are still connected to the Wi-Fi inside the campus. This is probably one of the efforts to lure in more viewers ...

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Researchers hack into Gmail app; advise developers to increase security

You might have installed quite a few applications on your smartphones. You are quite positive about the fact that you and your data (especially emails) are secured, but a group of researchers from California have something else to say. Furthermore, you own a high-end smartphone, which is also added to the sense of security. But your smartphone, is probably under ...

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US Homeland Security warns Retail stores of ‘Backoff’ malware

The Homeland Security Department officials announced on Friday that chances are approximately 1000 retailers in the United States are infected with malicious software. According to the reports, the Homeland Security Department suspects that the retailers in US have already been marked by various malicious softwares with the purpose of inflicting harm in either money matters or social terms. The Government ...

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Honda to recall 12,000 Honda Fits to improve safety ratings

Honda Motor Corporation is all set to make a recall of approximately 12,000 cars belonging to the 2015 Honda Fit models. According to reports, Honda Motor Corporation will be recalling the cars to make a few changes to the body of the car to make it more compact in case of accidents on roads. The car maker will be asking the ...

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NHTSA launches new search tool for vehicle recalls information

At last, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) brings a sense of relief for the car owners. The year 2014 certainly has not been the best year for the major car manufacturers as well as for the car owners. Literally most of the major car manufacturers have had to recall their cars listed under various different model names. Companies like ...

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