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Writer and specialized in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB etc), who was with the TND team since it's inception. Other than Blogging, he is also pursuing his graduation on Business Management at CA, California University. All posts by Wayne

Apple Hires Australia’s Rockstar Industrial Designer Marc Newson

Apple Inc. is probably gearing up to bring in some changes to the looks and the design of the upcoming Apple products. The reason to believe this becomes stronger considering the act of hiring Marc Newson, a renowned industrial designer. This will certainly add up to the hopes of the dedicated Apple fans as the industry has been criticizing Apple ...

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Toyota backs out from R&D of driverless cars; wants to improve safety measures

Just when the scenario was looking bright for the driver-less cars, some of the car-makers seem to have backed out of the proposition. It is undoubted that the technology involving driverless cars are hugely fascinating, but some people are not yet fully convinced about the feasibility of the cars on the roads. The main reason behind the doubts regarding the driverless ...

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Apps for the wearable gadgets is the future: Salesforce Inc.

Salesforce.com Inc. thinks that the development of applications for the wearable devices have quite a bright future ahead. According to the reports, the organization has a distinct thought that with time, the wearables will turn out as one of the major attractions in the field of gadgets. As of now, the wearable smart gadgets in the market have already drawn ...

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Garmin’s fitness tracker ‘Vivosmart’ launched and priced at $169

The 2014 IFA tech conference saw the official launch of Garmin’s fitness wristband tracker. The Vivosmart is to a certain degree similar to a smartwatch providing some of its features. The main activity of the wristband involves around tracking down the fitness issues. The wristband comes with a very sleek which also adds an amount of style statement to it. ...

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Mazda unveils the new 2016 MX-5 ‘Maita’

This is the 25th anniversary of the MX-5 line of cars and Mazda has pulled out a spectacular car to unveil on the occasion. Mazda has officially revealed the next model in the line of MX-5. The  car has been named as 206 MX-5 “Miata”. 2016 MX-5 “Miata” is the fourth model in the line of MX-5 cars as the ...

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