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Writer and specialized in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB etc), who was with the TND team since it's inception. Other than Blogging, he is also pursuing his graduation on Business Management at CA, California University. All posts by Wayne

Google Photos Creates Vacation Albums So You Don’t Have To

Even though it’s barely ten months old, Google Photos has already amassed more than 100 million monthly active users. It owes its success partly to the ever-growing list of features that Google keeps on upgrading on the photo management app, including the recently added support for Live Photos. But have you ever felt like you just couldn’t pick out the ...

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Nintendo’s First-ever Smartphone App is Not a Game Per Se

Nintendo has finally released its first-ever smartphone app and ever since its launch, it has remained at the top of the Japanese Apple Store charts. Sadly, the app does not offer the popular Super Mario Bros. on mobile; we’re still waiting for the Nintendo-official version to be released, now that the company has dipped its toe in the mobile gaming ...

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Samsung Pairs with de Grisogono for Diamond-studded Smartwatch

A new luxury edition of the Samsung Gear S2 smartwatch made by de Grisogono has just been unveiled, and the looks and specs are definitely impressive. The Gear S2 has been blinged-up into a limited-edition jewelry watch, featuring an impressive number of black and white diamonds (more than 100), an elegant black bracelet, and a shiny rose gold bezel. Even ...

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Chrome Music Lab Launched for Music in Our Schools Month

If you think playing with musical instrument apps is fun, so does Chrome. The Google-owned browser has launched Chrome Music Lab, a collection of experiments that will allow you to explore rhythms, melodies and all sorts of sounds. You won’t have straightforward virtual guitars and pianos, but the features it does include can be much more entertaining. One of them ...

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DJI’s Upcoming Phantom 4 Drone Can Avoid Obstacles

Drones – they started out simple and have achieved incredible feats so far. The latest and most impressive model has proved that it can avoid obstacles while tracking humans. Part of DJI’s famous Phantom series, the Phantom 4 is neither an R&D project nor a prototype – it’s the most advanced consumer drone on the market. But its enhancements and ...

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Microsoft Finally Acquires Xamarin to Boost the Development of Mobile Apps

After years and years of rumors, Microsoft has finally announced that it purchased Xamarin, a company that supports the development of mobile applications across platforms. Microsoft did not reveal the terms of the deal. For the occasion, Scott Guthrie, executive VP of Microsoft’s Cloud and Enterprise Group, wrote a blog post about the importance of today’s acquisition. Guthrie explained the ...

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Spotify Is Moving its Data onto Google’s Cloud Platform

Spotify is moving its data onto Google’s cloud platform, and the company’s saying this is a great step ahead for the streaming music service. About a decade ago, the Swedish startup started its business with a small number of machines located in a Scandinavian data center. After their popularity increased, they expended into data centers in the United Kingdom and ...

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The Legend of Zelda Celebrates the 30th Anniversary

Next to Super Mario, Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda franchise is probably the world’s most popular video game. Mario, the moustached plumber and Link, the blonde adventurer are two of the most recognizable heroes ever created for video games. It’s time for veteran gamers to feel old once again as The Legend of Zelda celebrates the 30th anniversary since its ...

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Nintendo World Reopened its New York Store With a New Look

alt="A statue of Nintendo Co.'s video-game character Mario stands at the company's showroom in Tokyo, Japan, on Wednesday, May 7, 2014. Nintendo, the world's largest maker of video-game machines, reports its full-year earnings today. Photographer: Tomohiro Ohsumi/Bloomberg"

The favorite place for hardcore fans of Mario and Link, Nintendo World reopened its New York store with a new look to match the company’s ambitious plans for the future. During the first month of 2016, Nintendo’s store in the Big Apple was temporarily closed as the interior was reinvented as a future-proof location. As the only US retail location ...

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