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Writer and specialized in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB etc), who was with the TND team since it's inception. Other than Blogging, he is also pursuing his graduation on Business Management at CA, California University. All posts by Wayne

Toyota recalls 20,000 new vehicles over possible fuel leakage

Although it might be just another day for you, but for Toyota and the automobile industry, it was a day of repetition of the same story all along. On September 18th, Toyota announced that the car maker will be recalling approximately about 20,000 new vehicles from Northern parts of the United States. According to the reports, Toyota is being forced ...

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T-Mobile bid gets tougher for Iliad; sets mid-October deadline

According to the reports, the French Telecom operator, Iliad has set a mid-October deadline to increase the bid for the majority of share in T-Mobile, which is presently the fourth in the list of major wireless network providers. The French low-cost Telecom operator will have to improve on the current bid or walk away from the deal with the seller Deutsche ...

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Apple HealthKit has Cerner and Athenahealth to leverage the service

Apple Inc. is certainly giving a lot of importance to the various health related issues. The iPhone maker has teamed up with Cerner Corporation and Athenahealth Inc. to work in the field of providing health related support to the citizens. Apple Inc. will be working in tandem with Cerner Corporation and Athenahealth Inc. to develop applications which will act as a ...

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Mark Zuckerberg urges high school students to study technology

Mark Zuckerberg is undoubtedly one you should idolize in case you have dreams like him. The CEO of Facebook is one of the youngest CEOs as well as a billionaire himself. The success story of Zuckerberg is not unknown to many and now Mark wants others to take on thei4r dreams just like him. According to the reports, Mark Zuckerberg ...

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Apple Inc. redesigns privacy policy and strengthens security

The situation is not just with Apple Inc. but with the majority of the organizations. With the incidents of leaks of passwords and hacking of data, most of the top technical companies seem to have decided to take an extra level of protection such that things can be handled in the future. Apple Inc., which has just suffered a huge ...

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2015 Ford Mustang GT: First look

The 2015 Ford Mustang GT is probably on matching terms with a majority of the cars launched this year which is good to go global. In fact, 2015 Ford Mustang GT itself is powerful enough to take on the markets by storm. But the question is same that does 2015 Ford Mustang has the quality and the substance that will ...

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Yelp settles lawsuit with the FTC at $450,000

Yelp becomes the latest organization to make peace with the Federal Trade Commission in relation to the violation of the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). According to the reports, Yelp has agreed to pay a fine of approximately $450,000 for the violation of the act. The Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) governs the methods and the extent up ...

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Ecobee thermostat better at controlling climate

The temperature in your room will be exactly  as you need it. With the new Thermostat from Ecobee, the company has tried to bring in a more precise measurement of temperature. The new thermostat from Ecobee is just a bit different from the others in the market when it comes to measuring the temperature, according to the cofounder of Ecobee ...

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