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Writer and specialized in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB etc), who was with the TND team since it's inception. Other than Blogging, he is also pursuing his graduation on Business Management at CA, California University. All posts by Wayne

Snapchat Milestone: 10 Billion Videos Watched Daily

Snapchat, the ephemeral messaging app, has achieved a new milestone: 10 billion views each day, according to a recent report by Bloomberg. If the name sounds unfamiliar to you, Snapchat is the app that allows you to send pictures, videos, or messages that have an ‘expiration date.’ Namely, they disappear forever after a certain amount of seconds. So, Snapchat users ...

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Zero Zero Robotics’ Hover Camera Is the Safest Drone

Many consumer drones rely on the “follow me” feature, and many others have been designed to be foldable for the sake of portability. But very few devices carry both advantages. That is, until Zero Zero Robotics, a Chinese startup, came up with the Hover Camera, which has gone above and beyond to please its customers. True to its name, this ...

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Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard Is Now Live in the US

Microsoft hopes to expand its influence in the mobile productivity field so it released a new predicting keyboard as an iOS app. Would it help the company tap into the popularity enjoyed by Apple thanks to its branded mobile ecosystem? Developed in the Garage, Microsoft’s experimental projects division, the Word Flow app is now live in the U.S. App Store; ...

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Crown and Council: Minecraft Dev Launches Free Game for Steam

Mojang became widely popular after the smashing hit that was – and still is – Minecraft. However, after it launched various other iteration of the game, Mojang went relatively quiet. However, after Mojang was purchased by Microsoft, the company started cooking a new game in the oven, and just today, the official Mojang website has announced Crown and Council, a ...

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Hackers Only Need Your Phone Number to Snoop on You

The privacy debate is far from over, even though the infamous FBI vs. Apple case has been officially settled. How safe and protected are we, and do we have a deceptive sense of security when in fact we should be worried? According to the latest reports, the latter holds more truth, as hackers have demonstrated – yet again – how ...

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Upcoming Street Fighter Patch Will Solve Some Old Problems

"Street Fighter V"

It seems that the upcoming Street Fighter patch will solve some old problems with the game. Ever since the latest installment of Street Fighter was released, Capcom Unity has been trying to solve the problem of unfair rage quitting that took away points from the winners and allowed the sore losers to keep theirs. But the practice will some to ...

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Check to See If Facebook Has Hidden Messages From You

alt="New Message on Facebook"

You know how sometimes important emails end up in your spam or junk mail box? It’s frustrating to find out you’ve missed an otherwise relevant message just because your email provider thought it was spam. Well, it turns out that Facebook uses a similar filter for your private messages on Messenger, and just like with your mail, the social network ...

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Google Brings Calendar Reminders to the Web

alt="Google Calendar Reminders"

Users can now keep track of their events and to-do lists on the web as well, as the Google Calendar Reminders feature has been made available on Wednesday morning. You can now set reminders and receive them across other Google services, including Google Now, Inbox and in your Keep notes. These memos can also be made to appear in the ...

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Apple Determined to Find and Fix FBI’s iPhone Hack

Even though the legal fight between the FBI and Apple over the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone is officially over, Apple is far from done with the matter. The Silicon Valley company has yet to figure out how the federal agency hacked into the device without its help. This is not the first time an agency of law enforcement required the ...

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Netflix Uses Speed Caps for Streaming on Mobile Networks

How many times did you curse your wireless carrier for your slow Netflix streams on mobile? As revealed on Thursday, it’s the service’s fault for your low video speeds. The streaming service disclosed it has been capping video speeds on mobile networks for the last five years. Usually, Netflix recommends that you use a connection “at least six times as ...

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