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Writer and specialized in Mobile Phones (iOS, Android, BB etc), who was with the TND team since it's inception. Other than Blogging, he is also pursuing his graduation on Business Management at CA, California University. All posts by Wayne

Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headsets, pre-orders start tomorrow

Virtual Reality is very much the next big thing in the industry. With the temperatures slowly, rising for Virtual Reality, Samsung is all set to launch its next generation virtual reality headset. The next generation virtual reality headset from Samsung has been named the Gear VR Innovator edition and will be for the Tech Giant’s flagship devices, Samsung Galaxy S6 ...

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Sony to launch super thin 4K UltraHD TV, slimmer than iPhone 6

The new UltraHD 4K television’s from Sony will make a record straight away when it will be launched this summer. To be precise, the upcoming Super Thing UltraHD 4K televisions from Sony will measure just 0.2 inches thin at their thinnest point. The fact that will probably give Apple Fanboys a hard pinch. The Super thin UltraHD television is thinner ...

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Trackpad on Thumbnail: Welcome NailO by MIT Researchers

While most of the people were looking somewhere else to design the alternative to navigate on devices, a team of MIT researchers has found an exceptionally small way to do it! The device created by the team comes as a real shock as major companies had not even thought about it. In fact, most of the major players in the ...

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EU’s Commissioner presses Antitrust charges against Google

Things are probably on the verge of turning foul again to Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) as the European Union’s Competition Commissioner has decided to bring in the antitrust lawsuit against the search engine giant. Margrethe Vestager has made a formal announcement in regard to the antitrust charges that she is stating against Google. This is amidst the major antitrust lawsuits that ...

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BMW recalls 91,800 Mini Coopers over the airbag issue on the front passenger side

BMW, one of the world’s most renowned car makers has issued a recall of approximately about 91,800 Mini Coopers all across the United States of America. The recall has been mandated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. According to the NHTSA’s Website, approximately 59,270 Mini Coopers and Cooper S models and 32,530 Mini Cooper Convertible and Cooper S Convertibles have ...

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iRobot’s Roomba Lawnmowers Are Really Pissing Off Astronomers

Roomba Lawnmowers from iRobot (IRBT) can cause serious disturbances with the satellite antennas. Does it sound abnormal? It might just sound abnormal to the normal household individuals as how can a robot lawn mower affect the large Radio Antennas. Well, that is what the National Radio Astronomy Observatory thinks. NRAO has filed an official complaint with the FCC in regard ...

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Telecom company CenturyLink sues the FCC over Net Neutrality rules

CenturyLink, Inc. (NASDAQ:CTL) adds its name to the list of companies who have raised their voice against the Tile II rules of the Federal Communications Commission with regard to the issue of Net Neutrality. CenturyLink is not the first telecom company to challenge the rules. Phone Association USTelecom and Alamo Broadband have already filed suitable lawsuits against FCC in different appeal ...

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