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Sergio Wallache

The young-turk of the team, he is responsible for reporting all the rumors and leaks related to gadgets and software. Other than collecting valuable information on trending rumors, he also likes to write about social media and IT security.

Facebook Announces Telecom Infra Project at Mobile World Congress

alt="Telecom Infra Project"

Even though Facebook is inherently a social network, it is long since it has extended its business outside those borders. The company has announced the creation of the Telecom Infra Project at Mobile World Congress conference which starts in Barcelona today. This renewed effort is somewhat similar to the Open Compute Project (OCP) kicked off by Facebook five years ago; this ...

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Start Writing and Making Sketches with Plumbago App

Drawing or even writing with a pen or pencil on a device can be quite a challenge, especially for those who are less coordinated. But thanks to Microsoft’s Plumbago app, you can now start writing and making sketches and building your own digital notebook. Plumbago – whose name is derived from the Latin word for “graphite” – might have taken ...

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Mobile Carrier Three Wants to Introduce Ad-blocking at Network Level

The ad-blocking wars have been going on for a while now, but it’s about to get even more heated as mobile carrier Three wants to introduce ad-blocking at network level around Europe. It was nine months ago when reports first started talking about European operators trying to spread online ad-blockers en masse. The Italian and British branches of Three have partnered ...

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Google Plans VR Headset that Doesn’t Rely on a Smartphone or PC

Next to artificial intelligence, virtual reality has captured the attention of many tech companies in recent years, and Google wants to lead the field with a consumer VR headset that doesn’t rely on a smartphone or PC as the center of command. Rumor has it Google wants to release the headset as early as this year, one that escapes existing ...

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Devices Connected to the Internet of Things Could Be Listening to You

You might want to censor your words around your home appliances: the feds say devices connected to the Internet of Things could be listening to you. James Clapper, the U.S. intelligence chief, said in a recent meeting with the Senate Armed Services Committee that IoT could be used by intelligence services for “identification, surveillance, monitoring, location tracking, and targeting for ...

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Google Plans to Test its Self-driving Vehicles in Washington

Google plans to test its self-driving vehicles in Washington later in February, where the people of Kirkland will soon be able to spot the little camera-equipped cars. After already testing its technology in Austin and Mountain View, Kirkland is about to become the third city in the United States to become home to Google’s autonomous vehicles. It’s already been six ...

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Google Is Planning to Introduce a Podcast Feature

We’ve known for a while that Google is planning to introduce a podcast feature to its popular Play Music app, we just didn’t know the launching date. We still don’t know exactly when we should expect it, but according to popular podcaster, Bill Simmons, February might just be the month. A podcast feature would add yet another media platform to ...

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Facebook News Feed Algorithm to Weed out Clickbait Articles

alt="Businessman with cursor hand raised answering question"

Facebook’s algorithm responsible with its News Feed has received yet another new update, this time in an effort to weed out clickbait articles and posts users might not want to see. At this point, no user should be surprised that Facebook knows a lot about them – starting from who your family and friends are to where you’ve been and ...

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Microsoft Deployed Its Own Underwater Data Center

In recent years, data centers have started popping in the oddest locations. Facebook, for example, managed to cut the energy bill by building one of its data centers in Lulea, Sweden, since the icy cold temperatures did wonders for the cooling process. The social network also proposed a data center in Clonee, Ireland, one that will tap into the wind energy ...

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Smartphones Will be Able to See and Understand

If Google has a say in it, the next generations of smartphones will be able to see and understand as if they were human. It’s not long since smartphones started featuring co-processors with the sole purpose of processing sensor data at really low power consumption. However, soon we might have smartphones carrying a new dedicated, low-power chip, one that will ...

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