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Sergio Wallache

The young-turk of the team, he is responsible for reporting all the rumors and leaks related to gadgets and software. Other than collecting valuable information on trending rumors, he also likes to write about social media and IT security.

Facebook’s Safety Check Enabled for Brussels Attacks

Following this morning terrorist attacks in Brussels, Facebook has once again enabled its “Safety Check” tool that marks people safe after a tragedy. After being in the spotlight for the past several months in connection with the Paris attacks, Belgium has made headlines on March 22, 2016, with its own disaster. The Brussels international airport and a city metro station ...

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Microsoft Edge Browser Fitted With Translator Extension

Thanks to the latest preview build of Windows 10, one of the highest points on the wish lists of developers has been ticked off: extensions for the Edge browser. After Internet Explorer started fading, Microsoft released a legacy browser called the Edge; it first came out last summer coinciding with the long-awaited release of the Windows 10 operating system. The ...

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Ring Launches Next Generation of Smart Video Doorbell

The smart doorbell startup known as Doorbot in 2013 and as Ring in 2016 had done rather well in a series C of fundraising: over $61 million for the doorbell equipped with a Wi-Fi-connected camera. In the intervening years, the Santa Monica-headquartered firm has gone through a rebranding and added new technology and products to its offering. This is how ...

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Facebook Introduces WordPress Plugin for Instant Articles

If Facebook is your preferred choice for the daily news update, you surely came across some Instant Articles. Right now, only a small number of publishers have the ability to use Facebook’s service, but starting April 12th, the tech will be made available to anyone – including bloggers. Hoping to get communities on board with the project, Facebook has partnered ...

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Gaming Company Capcom Sanctions Rage Quitters

Nobody likes losing, no matter what’s at stake. But it’s equally unpleasant – if not more – to have a victory snatched away from you because your losing opponent has quit at the last second. That’s why Capcom has decided to introduce some measures that will curb the rate of rage quitting when it comes to online ranked matches. Ever ...

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Facebook Changes News Feed Algorithm to Favor Live Broadcasts

It doesn’t matter if it was broadcasted live if you missed that Zuckerberg talk or that sports event you were looking forward to. After realizing that users are three times more inclined to watch Live streams than saved ones, Facebook has changed its policy. From now on, the News Feed will favor live broadcasts, in an attempt to catch up ...

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McDonald’s Launches VR Viewer Made from Happy Meal Box

We seem to have seen it all where smartphones are concerned, so tech companies and customers alike turn to the next big thing: virtual reality. But it’s not just tech giants that want a slice of the cake. It terms of VR viewers, less-conventional firms have claimed a stake, such as Coca-Cola’s repurposed 12-can package. Even more surprising is McDonald’s ...

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Sony Ceased Its PlayStation TV Sales in Japan

Back in 2013 when Sony released the PlayStation TV – also known as the PlayStation Vita TV in some countries – the company felt it could capitalize on a new yet niche market. But it was soon clear that Sony was doing nothing short of botching its chances in the field, so this news might not be a complete surprise. ...

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#FiberisComing to San Francisco with Great Internet Speeds

It’s time for the apartments, condos, and affordable housing properties in San Francisco to be equipped with Google Fiber, as the tech giant announced on Wednesday its plans to expand its Internet service even further. But instead of waiting until its own fiber cables would be installed, Google is taking the easier and faster route: using already installed fiber, allowing ...

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