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Sergio Wallache

The young-turk of the team, he is responsible for reporting all the rumors and leaks related to gadgets and software. Other than collecting valuable information on trending rumors, he also likes to write about social media and IT security.

Google Content Previews: More Visually-engaging with Rich Cards

In trying to keep on top, Google has introduced yet another feature to its search results. With the new format, website owners have a whole different way to make their pages stand out more effectively. Called “rich cards,” the new formatting feature added to Google Search will allow site owners to give a better preview of their content when their ...

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Nintendo Puts Mario to Work Once Again


It’s not news anymore that the Japanese game company Nintendo Co. is trying to find new ways to cope with the changes in the gaming industry. Nintendo has recently released a mobile app – half game, half social network – in hopes of increasing its revenue. But maybe it’s time for Mario to save the day. After selling its stake ...

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Sunrise Calendar App Will Stop Working on August 31

It was bound to happen, as it was already announced back in October 2015: Sunrise will discontinue its popular calendar app. After it was purchased by Microsoft in early 2015, the Sunrise team partnered with the Outlook team to help integrate its features into Microsoft’s email service. The startup announced on Wednesday that the app will be pulled out from ...

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Uber Introduces Cars for Wheelchairs in London

Uber, the ride-hailing company, is constantly striving to meet the needs of its users. That’s why the multinational has added a fleet of wheelchair-accessible vehicles to its offering. These cars can be requested via the app, just like any other ride. Called UberWav, the new feature will be a button away and for the same price as the cheaper UberX ...

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GM and Lyft Partner to Test Fleet of Driverless Taxis on Public Roads

'NYC Taxis'

GM and Uber Technologies Inc’s rival Lyft announced that they are preparing to launch the first self-driving electrical taxis on public roads. The announcement came a few months after the Detroit-based automaker invested $500 million in the San Francisco-based ride-hailing service. The autonomous cars will rely on tech bought by GM from a Cruise Automation Inc for $1 billion. The ...

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Google Announces Area 120 Incubator for Startups

The past few years had put Google in the lead when it comes to acquiring startups left and right. Not all have made it under the revamped Alphabet, but that hasn’t stopped the search giant’s search for the next big thing. So what if Google could discover and nurture these startups in-house? In the long term, this proposition would save ...

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Google’s Safe Browsing Flagged Google.com as Partially Dangerous

Thanks to Google’s Safe Browsing technology, billions of URLs are analyzed daily. It detects plenty of unsafe websites, and some of them are often legitimate sites that have been compromised one way or another. But what if the “google.com” domain would be marked as dangerous by Google’s own Safe Browsing technology? Surely that wouldn’t happen… right? Well, it already has. ...

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Amazon Tap is Like an Echo That’s Not Listening to You

alt="Amazon Alexa-related devices"

If you bought an Amazon Echo – or even if you heard about it from Alec Baldwin’s commercials – you probably know that this device answers when you address it by name. Alexa, what’s the weather like? Alexa, play some workout music. Alexa, order more paper towels. That’s all it takes to get the gadget’s attention. But that’s not the ...

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FBI vs Apple: San Bernardino Shooter Case Not Isolated

alt="FBI vs Apple"

The legal battle between FBI and Apple has been making headlines over the past few weeks, adding more fuel to the privacy and encryption debate that was already on fire across the U.S. Despite the fact that the federal agency insists this recent case of terrorism was limited in scope, it turns out that U.S. government agencies have filed more ...

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Twitter Adds Accessibility Option for the Visually Impaired

Twitter is taking steps towards making its platform more accessible to those who are visually impaired. More precisely, the company is introducing the ability to add “alternative text,” or “alt text” to describe your images. This option allows people who use assistive technology – such as braille displays and screen readers – to hear a description of the image they ...

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