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Kate is a well known optimist New Yorker and experienced in digital as well as analog gadgets, she is the senior manager as well as senior writer of TND Media, who loves to write about Microsoft technologies, Laptops & PCs. All posts by Kate

Tech giants strengthening security against spy agencies

Google and other big technology firms such as Microsoft, Facebook and Yahoo are increasing their security, strengthening their defenses and encryption level, making it hard and expensive to be breached by NSA and other government-funded spy agencies. According to a report from the New York Times, the search engine giant is working on a high-expensive project that will be laying ...

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Beats to retain HP partnership, Beats Music for Android and Windows Phone

Though Apple has confirmed the long rumored Beats Electronics’ acquisition for $3 billion, there were some speculation remained about the current partnerships of Beats electronics including HP devices as well as the Beats Music app’s availability at Google Play Store for Android devices and at Windows Phone Store for WP handsets. According to the report, Beats will be retaining the current deal ...

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ZeniMax Media sues Oculus VR and its co-founder over patent disputes

As Oculus VR is enjoying its feast provided via Facebook’s $2 billion acquisition, it seems the company as well as it’s co-founder has a lawsuit coming on their way. Both Oculus VR and it’s co-founder Palmer Luckey are sued by the firm’s CTO John Carmack’s former employer id Software (owned by ZeniMax Media). In an official announcement, ZeniMax said that it ...

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Russia will not allow US to use Space Station after 2020, retaliates over sanctions

Today, Russia has announced that it will not allow United States to use the ISS (International Space Station) after 2020, following the trade sanctions imposed over crisis in Crimea, Ukraine. Russia’s deputy prime minister Dmitry Rogozin announced a series of revengeful measures against the United States in response to sanctions imposed after Russia for its aggressive annexation of Crimea. Both US and Russia have worked ...

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Uber launches uberFamily in New York offering car seats for $10

If you want to take your child along with you from any part of New York, the app-based car service Uber has something for you. The super interesting firm has added a new feature to its steadily growing list which would offer you an additional child car seat for $10 surcharge. On Thursday, Uber announced uberFamily, a new feature that helps travelers in NYC to add car seat ...

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Qualcomm now adds Nuance’s Voice to text feature in Toq smartwatch

Qualcomm launched its Toq smartwatch in September 2013 and now the company has introduced voice to text function through Nuance’s speech recognition engine. This is a major update in Qualcomm’s wearable device, since its launch. Qualcomm’s Toq smartwatch wasn’t a complete product when it launched to the market for $349 as launch price, but late in February, the price was slashed to $249 ...

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Comcast and EA are finalizing a deal to stream games on X1 cable box systems

Popular game publishing firm Electronic Arts is reportedly finalizing a deal with Comcast to bring its popular game titles to the media publisher’s own cloud-connected X1 cable box systems. According to Reuters, which cites five separate sources close to the deal, EA and Comcast is finally coming out of prototype-testing phase from past 2 years. Popular game titles like Plats vs. Zombies, Madden, FIFA and Monopoly ...

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Red Hat acquires open source Ceph developer Inktank for $175 million

Worlds leading open source solutions provider Red Hat has announced today that it will acquire Inktank, a privately-held company that provides open-source storage systems, for about $175 million in cash. Red Hat is best known for its  enterprise Linux OpenStack platform, but also seen massive growth in its middleware solutions such as Red Hat JBOSS middleware and it has also established its ...

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