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Kate is a well known optimist New Yorker and experienced in digital as well as analog gadgets, she is the senior manager as well as senior writer of TND Media, who loves to write about Microsoft technologies, Laptops & PCs. All posts by Kate

Facebook Messenger for iPad hits iOS App Store


Latest update for Facebook messenger app is out in iTunes. The latest version which is Messenger 7.0 has been released on iTunes after a complete repacking in all the aspects. Major change is calling feature and from this version onwards the Facebook messenger app can be installed on iPad. One of the main change in the app is in its ...

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Knox security isn’t adequate for Android L – Blackberry CEO

Blackberry CEO, John Chen said that he welcomes the efforts of Samsung and Google to enhance security on their devices but these enhancements are not adequate to meet enterprise level needs. He urged customers to trust the company that has been proving its potential in ensuring security for three decades than get dazzled at the people who talk security. Blackberry ...

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Samsung Galaxy S5 mini release date, price and specs

Similar to other Samsung phones the company has decided to release the mini version of Galaxy S5. The main difference will be in the hardware components like camera and processor. The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini is said to launch on end of July around for $650 and the device’s specifications are listed below. Display As name says, the Galaxy S5 mini is a shrunken ...

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Android community suffers DMCA take-down by Qualcomm

Android community received a shock when many of the repositories in GitHub were no longer accessible. More than 100 repositories pertaining to 45 accounts are no longer accessible from GitHub and many of them are related to Android. Cyveillance, a company authorized by Qualcomm has filed a DMCA request that has led GitHub to take down more than a hundred ...

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 release date and specifications [rumor]

Samsung’s ever time favorite note series is ready to launch the next version from it. Galaxy Note 4 will be launching in international markets on  3rd quarter of 2014. After the launch of Samsung’s flagship device Galaxy S5, Samsung has decided to launch the Note 4 in a grand manner. Rumors are spreading all over the world about the Galaxy Note 4 specs. ...

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LinkedIn launches dedicated Job Search App for iPhone

The popular professional social network website LinkedIn (NASDAQ:LNKD) has launched its dedicated job search app for iOS called ‘LinkedIn Job Search’ exclusively for Apple iPhone users. According to the announcement in its official blog, the new LinkedIn Job Search app wants to help those LinkedIn users who search for new jobs in the social network on their mobile devices. The company ...

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The pointless ‘Yo’ messaging app was hacked by Georgia students

The recently ‘rocketed to top charts’ messaging app Yo has been reportedly hacked by tech students from Georgia, where the hackers are managed uncover the flaw that can send unlimited ‘Yo’s from/to any users and the attackers can send push notification with any text to any users. Being branded as pointless messaging app, Yo managed to raise $1 million in investment. Meanwhile Yo ...

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Retail Shopping App Ibotta Closes $20 Million in Series B Funding

Ibotta, a shopping app that gives discounts to its users as cash back every time the user shops is moving into next level as it has raised a $20 million Series B funding. With the new investment, the company looks to grow rapidly with brands, retailers and consumers. Press release posted after the break. PRESS RELEASE: Denver, Colo.: Ibotta, Inc., ...

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AT&T user data breached in April by its vendor’s employees

In April, there was a security breach in AT&T (NASDAQ:T), where three employees of one of its vendors had unauthorized access to an unknown number of users’ personal information, and AT&T confirms the breach and released a statement. The incident took place between April 9 to 21, where some users’ call records and social security numbers were compromised. Although AT&T confirmed about ...

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CEO Elon Musk makes Tesla patents open for all in ‘good faith’

To increase momentum in the electric car industry, United States’ largest electric car-maker Tesla’s (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk said that any other firms can use Tesla’s patents on their electric vehicles and in response, his company wouldn’t file any kind of lawsuits against the infringements. In the spirit of the open source movement, for the advancement of electric vehicle technology, Elon Musk said ...

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