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Kate is a well known optimist New Yorker and experienced in digital as well as analog gadgets, she is the senior manager as well as senior writer of TND Media, who loves to write about Microsoft technologies, Laptops & PCs. All posts by Kate

LG Nexus 5X ($379) and Nexus 6P up for sale in the US

Last month, Google partnership with Huawei and LG brand to release two new nexus devices. Earlier, We had lots of confusion on the monikers. The Company named the devices with Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X. Similar to the name, both the devices vary in features and utilities.  Surprisingly, Google started the Nexus pre-order session in the US country. Consumers who pre-order new ...

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Facebook patch-up battery issues in iPhone application

Many iPhone user reports, Facebook application in iPhone drains more battery due to tracking features. We had gone through a simple experiment by switching tracking feature in iPhone Smartphone. In result, tracking feature had not become a reason for the battery issues. Facebook enabled an option to switch the tracking feature on or off. According to the press release, “The issue is ...

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Google’s 5 apps make into the top 10 smartphone apps in US

With the recent advancement in digitization of the Internet era, people started to scaffolding the Internet on their smartphones and tablets. As a result, we have a boon of plethora of applications which may help in accessing digital content easily. American Internet analytics company, comScore has released its report on smartphone apps in the United States, and let’s see what it shows. When ...

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Security experts have revealed the most hackable cars

When someone buys a car, it would be like dreams and wishes come true. What if it’s a Supercar?, then he or she might be on top of the World. But have you guys heard about hacking a car? If not, this might be surprising, since all the latest cars are pre-loaded with latest connectivity features like Bluetooth and Internet. A study was conducted in Las Vegas by Black Hat this week and they came ...

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Google acquires 2 more startups: Emu and Directr

These days, the impact startup companies makes in the tech world is to a great extent. Those guys are coming up with great ideas and makes millions of dollars. What’s trending for the past few hours is, the Internet giant Google acquired two startups: Emu and Directr. Emu is a texting assistant with some cool features and Directr is a video editing smartphone app developed by a bunch of film lovers. Emu is really a helpful built-in assistant Texting ...

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HTC One M8 with Windows Phone 8.1 rumors surfaced

HTC is trying to come back by releasing the new version of M8 which is named as HTC One M8 (WP). This new device is set to launch mid of this month. The phone will be a clone of HTC One M8 Android Version. The only changes expected is in the OS. In the beginning, it has been just rumors, but Verizon released some pics related ...

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Twitter now allows embedding tweets inside a tweet for web users

Now you can embed tweets on Twitter. It was already tested on Android and iOS Apps and received great response. By Twitter’s rolling out of this feature, users can re-tweet any tweets in a better way. Just copy paste the tweet links in new Tweet without loosing 140 Characters. As a micro-blogging service, Twitter allows you only 140 characters in ...

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ACSI survey on social media: Pinterest tops, Facebook is at bottom

As the most popular social networking site, discussions about Facebook come up whenever a survey is conducted about social media. Social networking sites like Facebook and others as similar to it have changed the way we communicate. So, we have the right to express our opinions about them. Some data, from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, reveal that Facebook is ...

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