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Kate is a well known optimist New Yorker and experienced in digital as well as analog gadgets, she is the senior manager as well as senior writer of TND Media, who loves to write about Microsoft technologies, Laptops & PCs. All posts by Kate

Google Street View car gets into an accident


In a recent news, Google street view car hit 2 public transportation buses and a truck in Bagor in Indonesia. As per the Police, the car driver first rammed his car in the truck, when the truck driver responded angrily to the car driver he got panic and drove away his car. But this lead to hitting of his car ...

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Seagate releases 500GB Ultra Mobile Hard Drive for tablets

A world leader in storage solution, Seagate launched 5mm Laptop Ultra thin Hard drive for laptops. It is thinnest as 5mm hard drive specially made Ultrabooks. Recently, Seagate unveils 500GB Ultra Mobile Hard Drive for Android tablets. In the era of tablets, a light and ultra thin Hard Drive and long battery life brings more productivity in user’s life. Seagate ...

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Sony plans to launch new version of PlayStation Vita

At Japan in Tokyo Game Conference, Sony Computer Entertainment announced to plan to launch a new version of PlayStation Vita hardware. The new version expected to launch in Japan on 10 October at the price of 18980 Yen (US$190) in six color option. The new version, PlayStation 2000 Series is 15% thinner and 20% lighter including 1GB built in internal ...

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Microsoft’s Xbox Music Released for iOS and Andriod

Microsoft’s Xbox Music launched in Windows 8, after one year anniversary Microsoft launched Xbox Music available on Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. Xbox Music is Cloud based service; a user can play stored songs on cloud and ability to sync playlists between devices. Xbox Music offering six months of ad-free streaming with access music from web based music player between ...

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Will the next Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet a success

It’s been time that Microsoft has launched the surface Pro tablet and lately there are news that Microsoft will soon launch a new version of the Surface Pro. Now the question is if it will be a success or not? We got some information regarding the next generation Surface Pro tablet which we would like to share with you. The ...

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Apple Tests iPhone Screens as Large as Six Inches

Apple inc is giving new experience to customer soon. They are always good at giving best feature to their user with “simplicity”. As Apple is testing screen as large six inch Smartphone (ah! we call it phablet!). iPhone 5 currently is 4 inch screen Smartphone. As per customer feedback, Apple is working on making the screen size large and they ...

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Swedish Firm AlgoTrim acquired by Apple

It has been come to news that Apple has acquired a Swedish firm named AlgoTrim. Algotrim is a firm which develops codecs, design solutions which help in maximizing the performance of mobile imaging, data, computer and video graphics etc. As Apple has now taken control over AlgoTrim, now their products will be more efficient and will use less bandwidth and ...

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Google launches Nexus 7 in UK today and LTE will sell on 12 September

Nexus 7, a tablet by Google having tagline “made for what matters”. Released in July 2013, Nexus 7 a tablet now launched in UK for sale today. Nexus 7  16GB tablet is costing  £199.99 and 32GB tablet for £239.99 available in UK market today. It had also been launched in Japan, US, Canada, France, Germany and Europe. The sharpest tablet having 7 ...

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Lenovo changes Windows 8 interface with Pokki on ultrabooks

Microsoft need to worry as Lenovo is partnered with Pokki, in order to change the layout of Windows 8, which is latest version of Microsoft OS launched for Ultrabooks for giving touch screen experience to user. Think it as Sense UI in HTC smartphones on the top of android and TouchWiz by Samsung. The UI (User Interface) of Windows 8 ...

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Instagram, Vine, IFTTT and Airbnb taken down due to AWS Server Issues

All those people who were looking forward to spending the day checking other people’s updates on Instagram or Vine might have had a really troublesome experience today. This was most probably because both the services were taken down for about an hour due to some issues with the AWS i.e. Amazon Web Services. It was Instagram which took the initiative ...

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