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Kate is a well known optimist New Yorker and experienced in digital as well as analog gadgets, she is the senior manager as well as senior writer of TND Media, who loves to write about Microsoft technologies, Laptops & PCs. All posts by Kate

Samsung to start mass producing of 560ppi AMOLED displays

Samsung will launch smartphones and tablets with highest pixel density of 560ppi in 2014, as the Korean company announced the plans to mass produce the 560ppi AMOLED display panels soon. Recently, Samsung in Analyst Day event in Korea, unveiled the plan to produce high display smartphones in 2014 with 560ppi density in the screen size as low as 5-inch (that ...

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Motorola sold 500K Moto X in Q3, isn’t it a success?

Motorola has sold just 500,000 units of its flagship Moto X devices in Q3 2013, according to the research firm Strategy Analytics – and we think it’s a success for the firm. Despite the hype around this Moto X smartphone on many tech blogs, the firm has only managed to sell 500K devices totally in last quarter. The device is currently ...

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Google refreshes Quickoffice iOS and Android app with deeper Google Drive integration

Google has released a new update for Quickoffice iOS and Android app this month, which further deepens the integration of Google Drive into the application. Google has bought the Quickoffice, a free alternate to Microsoft’s Office tools in last June and now comes the update to make it tighten with it’s own product, Google Drive. This updates will let the ...

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Microsoft’s new software update significantly improves battery life of Surface Pro 2

Microsoft is rolling out an firmware update for its recently released Surface Pro 2 tablet, which reportedly increased the battery life of the tablet. Anandtech has reported it first and ran series of benchmark tests before and after the firmware update, which shows the significant improvements. Before the update, Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 powered tablet was providing 6.6 hours and 6.65 ...

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