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John is the head of our IT Security team and he writes about Security, IT news on The Next Digit. He was the Employee of the Year 2013 for his selfless support and efficiently setting up the whole security infrastructure. He also occasionally writes on "IT Sec Pro" Print Media of Sweden. All posts by John

Amazon’s Fall Tablets: Specifications – Affordable and Amazing

We all know that the showstoppers appear last. Well, the same can be said for Amazon’s entry level Kindle Fire as well. The tiny tablet, priced at just $159, has successfully avoided the expense and selective market appeal of Apple iPad and instead opted humbly for affordability and mass market appeal. While the high definition Kindle Fire HD tablets had ...

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Amazon’s Billionaire Founder Purchases the Capital’s Newspaper

Started in 1877, the Washington Post is one of the most well known newspapers in the world, gaining its first spell of popularity in the field of journalism when it uncovered the Watergate Scandal, bringing about the downfall of President Richard Nixon. Now, a century and a quarter later, in a stroke of symbolism rich transaction, Jeff Bezos, the founder of the ...

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Google Launches City Experts Program for Google+

In order to incorporate more and more high quality local business reviews and ratings on Google+, the company has launched a new program and named it as the Google City Experts. Limited to selected cities in the countries of Australia, United States of America, United Kingdom and Japan, the program promises to reward users who have submitted more than fifty ...

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US Veto on Apple Ban Has Got South Korea Concerned

The Obama government, on Saturday, has passed a veto court ruling that would have stopped the Apple Company from selling older models of the iPhone and iPad in the US market. Following a patent infringement dispute with Samsung, another leading smartphone manufacturer based in Korea, in June, the decision was made by the United States International Trade Commission so as ...

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Apple and Samsung in Fierce Cut-Throat Competition

On the basis of customer satisfaction, it certainly looks like Apple and Samsung are neck to neck in competition. While in the United States, Samsung successfully beat Apple, in Korea, users have expressed more satisfaction in using Apple than Samsung. What is most interesting to note is that each smartphone manufacturer is beating its rival in the former’s home turf. ...

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Google Unveils Android Version of ‘Find My iPhone’

While Apple users have enjoyed the Find My iPhone app, which has successfully locate endless phones since its inception, Google has just released its own version of the app, which promises to help Google phone users to locate their missing or stolen phones easily and without any kind of hassle. Did you just realize that you forgot your Nexus 7 ...

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What Happened to the Uninspiring Designs of BlackBerry?

Few years back, the signature model of the BlackBerry phones used to be the typical, boring design of qwerty handsets, which has, more than often, been copied by the less popular brands and reproduced under different names. But what happened to those? It has been very closely scrutinized and concluded thereafter that BlackBerry has revolutionized its handset designs just as ...

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Mobile Advertising Fuels Facebook Stock Resurgence

facebook ads

While the CEO of Facebook Inc. Mark Zuckerberg has been proclaiming his company mobile first, the company has recorded a closing price yesterday that was unheard of since May 18, 2012. It was in New York that the Facebook Inc. rose 1.5 per cent IPO, resulting up to 38.05 USD. This has been a milestone closing IPO that marks Zuckerberg’s ...

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