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John is the head of our IT Security team and he writes about Security, IT news on The Next Digit. He was the Employee of the Year 2013 for his selfless support and efficiently setting up the whole security infrastructure. He also occasionally writes on "IT Sec Pro" Print Media of Sweden. All posts by John

Say “I’ll Pay with Google” and Keep Your Phone In Pocket

alt="I'll Pay with Google"

Google is all about making its users’ experience better, so it’s rolling out today a pilot program that will help them pay without ever taking their wallets or phones out of their pockets. The new payment method is called Hands Free, and it allows your smartphone to connect with a point of sales system via your phone’s sensors. Seeing that ...

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Prestigious Turing Award Received by Inventors of Public Key Encryption

The prestigious Turing Award was given this year to the inventors of public key cryptography, in the context of a hot debate with Washington over the degree of protection we should have through encryption. On Tuesday, the Association for Computing Machinery announced the winners of the ACM Turing Award; Whitfield Diffie and Martin Hellman received the honor for their contributions ...

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WhatsApp Discontinues Support for BlackBerry, Nokia Devices

A lot of people are now using WhatsApp as an efficient replacement for traditional text messaging, as more than one billion of users access the popular messaging service each month. This is what the company reported at the beginning of February – or maybe we should say Facebook, since the social network has purchased WhatsApp for roughly $22 billion back ...

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Mercedes Introduces Human Workers In the Assembly Line

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class sedan comes with an ever-growing variety of options – think cooled and heated cup holders, carbon-fiber trim, and an array of caps for the tire valves. It’s no wonder the carmaker’s assembly robots can’t keep up. Mercedes is aware that there’s no better way to wooing modern consumers than customization, so the company’s assembly lines are in ...

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Edit and Format Documents in Google Docs with Voice Commands

Some heavy users of Google Docs might find it difficult to always type what they want, so Google has decided to make typing, editing and formatting documents a lot easier. How? In the Chrome browser, users can now do all the work hands-free, no keyboard needed, because the tech company has equipped Google Docs with a voice feature. Back in ...

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RCS as Android’s New Standard for Text Messaging

Google is always on the brink of pushing the limits in one field or another. This time, it’s partnering with mobile operators across the world to find how to implement the next step in messaging. It might seem that Short Message Service (SMS) might be replaced with Rich Communications Service (RCS), at least as Android’s new standard for text messaging. It’s ...

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The Elite X3 Is a “Device that Executives Would Carry,” Says HP

alt="The Elite X3 Is a “Device that Executives Would Carry”"

It sure wasn’t easy for HP to return to the smartphone market considering the company’s history of failure when it comes to releasing handsets. However, the Elite X3’s all-in designs sound like they make up a powerful smartphone. Thanks to its Desktop Dock and Mobile Extender, HP’s new device could really become the center of your work life. According to ...

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Samsung Connect Auto Goes On Sale Mid-summer 2016

Did you think Samsung was going to stay out of the race of putting technology in cars? After plenty of other major players in the technology industry started meddling with cars’ boards, it’s now time for Samsung Electronics to show what they can bring to the table. But this South Korean company isn’t that interested in plugging smart gadgets or ...

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Get in Touch with Potential Donors Via Facebook’s New Website

Facebook has launched on Thursday a new website which covers everything from engaging supporters with your cause, to using Facebook to keep users updated during events or targeting micro-communities. It’s become rather popular for people to express their support for different social causes by simply “liking” their Facebook pages, so much so that “slacktivism” was invented as a neologism to ...

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Google Introduces a New Tool Dubbed Gmailify

Not everyone has started out with a Gmail account when they first got their electronic mailbox, which is why a lot of users prefer their Yahoo! Mail or other services. But even if your email address doesn’t end in @gmail.com, you can still use some Gmail features. It’s uncontested that Gmail has a better inbox organization, and its spam protection ...

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