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John W Arthur

John is the head of our IT Security team and he writes about Security, IT news on The Next Digit. He was the Employee of the Year 2013 for his selfless support and efficiently setting up the whole security infrastructure. He also occasionally writes on "IT Sec Pro" Print Media of Sweden. All posts by John

HTC One M9 hasn’t done any magic; expects another rough quarter

HTC Corp. has slashed its revenue projection for the second quarter of the year 2015 and mentioned that, the sales of smartphone is expected to fall deep more than the company predicted, as a result of net loss, the company has slashed the revenue projection for the second quarter. HTC mentioned in a statement that, the company might incur a ...

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Researchers unearth ancient gold trade route

In order to determine the source of ancient gold artifacts at the Ireland’s National Museum collections, the archaeologists have devised a new way to trace the gold artifacts, so that they can trace the source they are from. They have found out an existing gold trade route that existed between the southwest of Britain and Ireland, and published their findings ...

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Skype for Web beta is now available in the US and UK

On Friday, Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) has announced access to its Skype for Web beta is now available in the United States and U.K. today. Earlier you need to login into the Skype app through your PC or Mobile, but now you can just tap-in to your browser and there you go. If you’re someone who uses the Smartphone apps rather ...

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Woman left Apple I computer worth $200K at recycling centre

California recycling is looking for a mysterious woman who dropped of her most treasured collectible items Apple I Computer. The same is considered as a most treasured item in the history of computers and the approximate worth of the device will be around $200,000. In the month of April, a woman offered few boxes which containing the electronics to Clean ...

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Google Maps app to go offline by the end of 2015

Google Inc. (NASDAQ:GOOG) announced that soon users will be able to navigate through Google Maps in offline mode. The declaration was made keeping in mind, Sundar Pichai’s foreseeing vision against facilitating “grand theme of services” to its customers. The offline mode search will also include turn-by-turn voice navigational search even when they lack “super reliable connectivity”. The new offline functionality ...

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