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Why is Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching Fire

Galaxy Note 7

We all know by now the danger that you are exposing yourself to when you are using a Galaxy Note 7 phone. Or when you are charging it. Or when you’re touching it. Bottom line is, it could explode at any moment. But the question that’s burning (no pun intended) inside our minds is: why? Why is such a popular ...

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Who Will buy Twitter? Here are Some Ideas!


This is a question that has been on everybody’s lips for a while now: what will happen to Twitter? The San Francisco-based social communications company is one of the most successful in the industry. It is not very big and it doesn’t have a huge technological impact but millions of people use it every day. The app has always been compared ...

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The Last Guardian Demo is Here and it’s Beautiful

The Last Guardian

I think we all remember Fumito Ueda’s last masterpiece. It was called Shadow of the Colossus. You were on a horse wandering an empty land in search for legendary monsters. Sixteen years and several delays later, the new game from Fumito Ueda, the highly anticipated The Last Guardian is about to be released. Your character is a young boy who ...

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Review: Apple Watch Series 2

Apple Watch

If you ever seen or even heard about one, you might know what it is: a fitness tracker. Even if Apple avoided to call it such, opting for the more versatile name of “smartwatch”. It is a smartwatch indeed, and now it has focus included. An Apple Watch. The original Apple Watch When the first Apple Watch came out in ...

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Uber’s Self-Driving Car: Out and About!

self-driving car

Welcome to Pittsburgh! City of the future! Starting on Wednesday, Uber’s self-driving car will start carrying passengers around town. This is a very important test because it links with the possibility of creating a series of autonomous vehicles. Who knows? Maybe one day, these will be the cars that will transport people around. A test drive for journalists On Tuesday, ...

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iPhone 7: A Hard Decision to Make

iPhone 7: A hard decision to make

Let’s admit it! When you look at them is difficult to tell the iPhone 7 apart from the iPhone 6 or 5. They look almost identical, they are the same size, even the colors match! But this changes immediately after you touch an iPhone 7. Finally, it’s something different! The camera is better, it’s water resistant, longer battery span and ...

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8 Best Features of the New iOS Upgrade

8 best features of the new iOS upgrade

The last iOS upgrade from Apple is full of interesting and useful new features. Those will probably reinvent your iPhone or iPad and are much needed. Here are 8 best features of the new iOS upgrade: Raise to wake This amazing new raise to wake feature uses the M9 co-processor in order to detect motion. This is why your lock screen ...

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