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Google Maps to Remove Calorie Counter from iOS Apps

Google Maps logo

After receiving harsh criticism from people who suffer or have suffered from eating disorders, Google has decided to remove the small cupcake calorie counter from its Google Maps iOS apps. This is a feature that tracks how many calories a person has burned by walking a certain distance on foot. Now, that will no longer exist in the app. According ...

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Qualcomm Unveils Snapdragon 636 Mobile Platform

Qualcomm logo at fair

Recently, Qualcomm Technologies has revealed its new Snapdragon 636 mobile platform which will supposedly bring many improvements, especially regarding gaming, performance and display. Actually, this new mobile platform was officially announced on Tuesday, at the 4G/5G Summit in Hong Kong. It’s interesting that according to Kedar Kondap, the vice president of Product Management, this one will use the Qualcomm Kryo ...

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Android Updates Instant App Programming Kit

3D Android mascot

At the moment, and this has been going for quite some time, people are complaining about the instant Android apps from Google. Despite being marketed as phenomenal, they do not live up to the expectations. The problem is that they don’t work very well. Because of this, the company has to frequently introduce support for every device. And in its ...

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People Should Update Devices Because of New Wi-Fi Privacy Hack

Hack being carried out online involving coding

On Monday, Mathy Vanhoef, a Belgian researcher, has released a lot of details regarding a new widespread hack. Its official name is KRACK, which comes from Key Reinstallation Attack, and it reportedly affects everyone that uses a Wi-fi connection. Through it, hackers are able to access and decrypt everything that a person is doing on the internet. The official description ...

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The Evil Within 2, Not Perfect, but Very Good

The Evil Within 2 cover art

The premise of the new video game called The Evil Within 2 is nothing you haven’t heard before. A man that’s been suffering enormously after the loss of his beloved daughter finds out towards the end of his life that she was alive all this time. The next thing you know, he goes to a little creepy town nobody has ...

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Shadow of War’s Singing Orc is Causing Amused Reactions

Orc army in Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

The recent release of the new Middle-Earth: Shadow of War video game has made players from all over the world feel that excitement of returning to this mystical land once more. As the second installment of this series, the game follows Talion once again as he is trying to destroy the great evil that Sauron wants to bring upon the ...

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Amazon’s Alexa to Recognize Users’ Voices

Amazon Alexa on Echo device

In an era when virtual assistants are becoming more and more intelligent, it seems like Amazon’s Alexa AI will not be left behind. According to reports, it can now receive training to recognize the owner’s voice or certain other voices. This new feature is reportedly available now for any deice that has Alex on it. The fact that the virtual ...

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Google to Remove Home Mini Recording Feature

Google Home Mini in grey

It seems like after many reports and complaints that a certain Home Mini feature was recording thousands of times a day without the owner wanting it, Google had taken a final decision. The company is going to remove that feature completely, even if it was reportedly just a small number of Home Mini units that were doing this. On October ...

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The Jewel That is Facebook’s Messenger Lite

Messenger Lite promo image

There are people on this planet that are not particularly impressed by the Facebook-branded products. Some don’t like its apps, some hate the design of the platform, while others are simply annoyed by the people ruling this company. And there is nothing wrong with that, as we are all different people with different personalities and tastes. However, there is one ...

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