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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey is a true journalist, but it wasn’t easy for her to find her true calling. She worked in a PC service all throughout her college and not she is using her hardware and software skills to write technology articles. The thing she loves most about her job is being able to keep tech lovers up to date with the recent trends.

Computer Chips ‘Smell’ Spoiling Food

Scientists in Massachusetts have developed computer chips that can tell whether the food is on the verge of going bad. Previously, they also built computers that could foresee educational outcomes, could drive cars and could play chess. C2Senese – a startup company in Massachusetts – created technologies called “disruptive gas sensing” that are able to sense the smell of spoiling food. ...

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Google Upgraded Google Maps with Holiday Working Hours

"Google Christmas logo"

According to an official press release, Google upgraded Google Maps with holiday working hours on Friday afternoon. The new feature is meant to help users plan their holiday shopping sessions by visiting only the shops that are open. Google has foreseen another need that users were not even aware of, such as, the necessity to know the working hours of ...

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New Android Malware Can Completely Ruin Your Smartphone

"ill Android mascot"

You’re probably familiar by now with the fact that Android apps can be dangerous, especially since the majority of them are available for free from third-party developers. A recent announcement warns that new Android malware can completely ruin your smartphone – that’s how powerful it is. Smartphone users appreciate Android because most of the apps and programs can be downloaded ...

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4 Easy Ways to Turn Your Dumb Watch into a Smartwatch

"Chronos' smartwatch disc"

Thanks to developers’ ingenuity, there are now 4 easy ways to turn your dumb watch into a smartwatch. These devices are just as effective as smartwatches being able to perform most of the functions that smart timepieces have accustomed us with, but they are much more affordable. Glance’s Smart Accessory for Classic Watches Glance’s device guarantees to turn any watch ...

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First Look at Samsung’s ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Spin

"samsung's ATIV Book 9 Pro and Spin"

After months of anticipation, we are finally able to take a first look at Samsung’s ATIV Book 9 Pro and ATIV Book 9 Spin. Both models are incredibly attractive, but they have been designed for two distinct goals: the Pro version for professional use and the Spin design for increased mobility and versatility. Samsung’s reputation as a large producer of ...

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Sennheiser’s Orpheus Headphones Are Officially the Most Expensive Headphones

"Sennheiser's Orpheus headphones"

Following the company’s recent announcement on November 3rd, users have all agreed that Sennheiser’s Orpheus headphones are officially the most expensive headphones at present. The headset will be available on the market in 2016 with a starting price of $50,000. German company Sennheiser likes to consider itself one of the best producers of luxury technological products. Judging by their past ...

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How Facebook’s AI Technology Works

"artificial itelligence mapping"

During their recent Web Summit presentation, Mike Schroepfer, Facebook’s chief technology officer, has explained how Facebook’s AI technology works and what implications it could have on existing platforms. The social network thinks there is already too much content on the Internet; therefore, there is a growing need to develop accurate software programs for recognition. Facebook has declared at the recent ...

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