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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey is a true journalist, but it wasn’t easy for her to find her true calling. She worked in a PC service all throughout her college and not she is using her hardware and software skills to write technology articles. The thing she loves most about her job is being able to keep tech lovers up to date with the recent trends.

Apple Confirmed the Acquisition of Faceshift

Many of you are probably familiar, or if not, have definitely heard of Faceshift, the motion capture technology behind the latest Star Wars movie. This September, rumors started going around that the company was bought by a big-shot company, but they were never confirmed. However, yesterday, Apple confirmed the acquisition of Faceshift. The small company’s IP had become a hit ...

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Donate This Holiday Season with Google’s Android Pay


The international technological titan that is Google decided to get into the holiday spirit early this year, and start a new donation campaign. Therefore, for every payment you make via Android Pay, Google will donate $1 to special needs education programs throughout the U.S. Do you want to know how you can donate this holiday season with Google’s Android Pay? ...

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HP’s New Smartwatch to Be Made in Partnership with Titan

HP’s new smartwatch has already been planned together with other organizations in order to produce innovative devices under its “Engineered” program. The newest collaboration under this development system comes between the US producer and Titan, an Indian wearable maker. The hardware manufacturer states that Titan holds the fifth position among the biggest watch producers and the first gadget is a top ...

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The Latest Dell Laptops Arrive with a Security Problem

The problems resulted from a severe protection error caused by the latest Dell laptops are increasing, as cyber security professionals find other points of interest. Tech experts from Duo Security are already noticing additional digital certification with various weaknesses in the latest Dell laptops and proof about other flawed devices from the same company that are now in use. This issue was ...

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10 Thanksgiving Movies You Don’t Want to Miss This Turkey Day

"Thanksgiving movie selection"

Thanksgiving Day like many other holidays needs not be only about food and turkey stuffing. There are many ways to give thanks and many reasons to be grateful for. Hollywood comes to remind us just that with these 10 Thanksgiving movies you don’t want to miss this Turkey Day. Thanksgiving Family Reunion This 2003 production directed by Neal Israel doesn’t ...

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Google’s Street View Brings Peace to the Middle East with a 360 Degree Tour of Jordan’s Cities

"Google Street View in Jordan, Petra"

As of today, Google’s Street View brings peace to the Middle East with a 360 degree tour of Jordan’s cities. The tech giant has worked closely with Jordan’s Queen Rania because they think the new images will help people better understand the Arab world and its mosaic culture. Modern technology is supposed to keep people connected and to do away ...

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Xiaomi Red Note 3 – One Step Ahead for Mobile Payments

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is increasing the attention on its producer’s upcoming payment platform, since the famous Chinese company has built a fingerprint sensor into it. This feature will be incorporated into its next series of affordable devices, after it revealed the new phone this week. The sensors, which are placed on the rear of the gadget, represent the most ...

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Will Users Have to Pay for All Online Services?

Many of the Internet marketers perceive ad-blocking tools as risks for their online services, so it is not a shock that some of them, Yahoo being the most noticeable name, are fighting against this type of software. However, this strategy may have long-term results on the online world in the next years. The first response to the information that a ...

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The LG Watch Urbane 2 Is Now Discontinued

A new review has appeared during the last weekend, stating that the recent LG Watch Urbane 2 was formally cancelled because of some issues noticed with its components. It was stated that the company’s watch launch schedules have been revoked and all clients who have already preordered the device in the United States will get their money returned, according to ...

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Fitbit Now Records Automatically all Fitness Sessions

The numerous users of Fitbit paired with Surge or Charge HR devices now no longer have to be concerned about whether they have kept a log with their exercises beforehand. With the new software upgrade, both fitness and health wearable can register workouts instantly. The innovative SmartTrack function can identify some particular actions such as bike riding, jogging and elliptical ...

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