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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey is a true journalist, but it wasn’t easy for her to find her true calling. She worked in a PC service all throughout her college and not she is using her hardware and software skills to write technology articles. The thing she loves most about her job is being able to keep tech lovers up to date with the recent trends.

The New OnePlus 5T Leak Reveals More Info About the Product

The back of the OnePlus 5T

The OnePlus 5T leak unveils more details about the exquisite smartphone, offering viewers a better look. Even if the public is not completely sure that this product will exist, a new image potentially depicting the OnePlus 5T was leaked. Evan Blass tweeted a picture of the top-half of the new device. In this way, fans got their first clearer look ...

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The New Expansion of Destiny 2: Curse Of Osiris Will Soon Be Here

A screenshot from the new game

Sony revealed the trailer for the expansion of Destiny 2: Curse of Osiris. They unveiled the trailer during the Paris Game Week showcase. The new DLC expansion will revolve around the main character and the planet Mercury. The trailer shows that a gate has opened on Mercury. Through that gate, many machines, both old and new, are pouring. Osiris had ...

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Wi-Fi May Be Replaced by Twisted Light Being More Effective

Twisted light in colorful particles

Specialists indicate that they could use twisted light to replace Wi-Fi, being a more efficient way to transfer data. We know that at the moment fiber optic lines enforce fast data transfer available to consumers. However, there is a problem with the fiber optic lines since they can be difficult to implement and also very expensive. Hence, fiber optic internet ...

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Audible Support on Kindle: For When Your Eyes Need a Break

Kindle Oasis opened

Amazon announced that it is ready to implement audible support to their cheapest Kindle. Therefore, if you are one of those persons who enjoy hearing someone reading you a book, then Kindle will do it for you. Hence, Amazon will roll out the Audible support for the $80 Kindle in following months. Kindle Oasis will have this incredible feature that ...

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Super Mario Odyssey: An Incredible Adventure

The poster of Super Mario Odyssey

The new Super Mario Odyssey will make fans spend numerous hours on end in the game, enjoying an incredible adventure. You will have the chance to meet new enemies and explore new worlds. The collection of open-world Kingdoms you can find in Super Mario Odyssey is broad. Sometimes, some of the things you find here used as a source of ...

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Google Pixelbook: Are You Ready for the Future?

Two Google Pixelbooks

The Google Pixelbook is meant to make students’ lives easier, combining their needs and desires to project a better future. Google is no longer selling the original Chromebook Pixel due to the fact that the company wants to bring the new Chrome OS laptop in the spotlight. Some reviews even state that the new Pixelbook may be ahead of its ...

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Problems with iPhone X Face ID

iPhone X seen from the side while laid horizontally

We already knew that it would be hard to buy an iPhone X until next year, but it seems that Apple is currently trying to improve the current situation. According to Bloomberg, the tech giant managed to lower the specs for the Face ID components. This translates to a shorter manufacture time for the iPhone X. The same source declared ...

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Top 4 iPhone Apps on Sale Now

Close up of an iPhone screen with colorful apps icons on it

With Halloween just around the corner, no wonder many developers want to surprise Apple fans. That’s why today we must present you a couple of iPhone apps on sale. They are usually available for a price, but now the developers decided to make them available for free or for less than their regular price. Let’s have a look at the ...

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The Honda Gold Wing: Intelligence and Power on Two Wheels

The Honda Gold Wing 2018

The new Honda Gold Wing promises a wild combination between power and the latest technology in a lighter package. The prospects indicate that the new motorbike will be more efficient and sportier. The 2018 new version of the motorcycle promises a 20% improvement regarding fuel efficiency. Furthermore, the double-wishbone front suspension is estimated to reduce the imperfections in the pavement. ...

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The New BMW X2 Sports an Incredible Design

The new BMW X2 in blue

Besides the fact that the new BMW X2 has a really attractive design, it is also a powerful car. The new model will be launched in March 2018, being bound to surpass drivers’ expectations. The car features an innovative suspension set-up, having a sporty look. With this vehicle, driving will switch from being only a necessity and become a passion. ...

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