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Megan Bailey

Megan Bailey is a true journalist, but it wasn’t easy for her to find her true calling. She worked in a PC service all throughout her college and not she is using her hardware and software skills to write technology articles. The thing she loves most about her job is being able to keep tech lovers up to date with the recent trends.

You Can Now Find Something in Bing via Your Phone’s Camera

Bing visual search

Bing now sports a visual search feature that enables users to look for things online that appear in photos snapped by their smartphone cameras. The new function is inspired by Google Lens and other third-party developers’ image recognition apps. The visual search feature is powered by machine-learning algorithms. The AI can match an object in a photo with the information ...

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Google Assistant Ditches ‘Hey Google’ for Every Interaction

google home

After a recent software update, the Google Assistant will no longer need you to use “Ok Google” or “Hey Google” for every interaction. If a feature dubbed Continued Conversation is turned on, the wake-up phrase will no longer be necessary before each request. Google first unveiled the feature in May at the I/O conference. The feature reached all Google Assistant ...

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California Lawmakers Quietly Water Down Critical Open Internet Law

Internet cable

Net neutrality advocates blasted California lawmakers for silently gutting a critical open internet law on Wednesday. Critics believe the entire process was undemocratic and corrupt. On Wednesday, the Communications and Conveyance Committee gutted SB 822. The bill was supposed to impose a gold standard for regulations that target net neutrality. The decision was unveiled after 10 p.m. on Wednesday. Plus, ...

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Facebook To Allow Group Admins to Charge Members for Content

Facebook groups

Facebook will soon test a feature that will enable group admins to charge group members up to $29.99 for access to exclusive content. The feature will be tested on a handful of groups focusing on cooking, DIY, and parenting. While the feature is being tested the social media platform will not take a cut. Group admins will be billed via ...

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Facebook Messenger to Be Flooded with Autoplaying Ads

Facebook-themed computer keyboard

On Tuesday, Facebook confirmed that it will add autoplaying ads to its immensely popular chat app, Messenger. The move could affect Messenger’s 1.3 billion monthly users. Quartz first reported on the changes, saying that the annoying ads are designed to catch users’ attention while they are chatting. Facebook first placed static ads in the chat app last summer. The ads will ...

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Here Are the Most Exciting Games Unveiled at E3 2018

Battlefield 5

E3 2018 was packed with exciting-looking games that fans are eager to test out in the coming months. Here’s a quick selection of the most noteworthy titles this year: Battlefield V EA’s Battlefield V has brought some major changes to keep the title refreshing: the so-called ‘Grand Operations’ which will involve multiple maps, a more powerful destruction mechanics, and a ...

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Mobile Phones Pushing Pedestrian Death Toll Through the Roof

Distracted walking

Australian authorities are considering fining pedestrians that are crossing the road while texting or staring at a screen. Queensland reported that the pedestrian death toll has skyrocketed in recent years because of distracted pedestrians. Pedestrians that use their phones while in traffic should be fined just like jaywalkers. We think that sort of offense is on its way. There’s no ...

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Australia Fines Apple $9M for Misleading iPhone 6 Users

White iPhone 6

Australia has slapped Apple Inc with a $9 million fine for misleading iPhone 6 users on an error that bricked their phones after having them repaired at third-party repair shops. The U.S. tech giant reportedly told customers that they could not repair their handsets at Apple if they had tried to repair them at a third-party. The practice is illegal in Australia, ...

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PUBG Developer on ‘Asset Flip’ Accusations: ‘That Kills Me a Little Inside’

PUBG wallpaper

PUBG Developer Brendan Greene recently said at E3 expo that he is deeply saddened by the accusations that PUBG is just an “asset flip” since the game uses store-bought props. “That kills me a little inside because I know we’re not,” Greene told journalist Geoff Keighley. He added that most props, like vehicles and buildings, are designed manually by artist ...

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Samsung Canceled Its First Foldable Phone. Here’s How It Looks

Samsung foldable phone

Samsung’s first foldable phone seems to have been canceled. Several leaked photos show how the two-screened phone looked like. The foldable phablet has been in the works for ages, but its design has disappointed so far Samsung fans. The leak comes from a Chinese Twitter user called @MMDDJ_. The exclusive images show a bulky Samsung phone with a second screen ...

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