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Living in Aldine, TX, he writes about Mac, iOS, Android and IT Hardware. Apart from writing on The Next Digit, he is also an expert in providing valuable seminars on IT Peripherals and IT Security. All posts by Bhanu

Uber Adds Trip Branding Features to its App

alt="User Requests Uber Ride"

Uber has announced a “Ride Request Widget” that lets customers integrate its apps into theirs more easily. The ride-hailing company had already had a Ride Request Button, but with the new widget, developers can add the apps quicker than ever. This upgraded functionality is targeted at customers who have connectivity issues. More than that, developers have another helping hand from ...

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Facebook Messenger Wants to Become a Mobile Wallet

It looks like Facebook isn’t playing around when it comes to transforming its Messenger app into a full-blown platform, equipped with a new in-store mobile payment option it plans to release. According to The Information, there are clues all over the code of the Facebook Messenger app for iOS, as the publication extracted and viewed these software files from the ...

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Google Goggles Capabilities Rumored to Come to Google Camera App

Rumor has it that Google plans to endow its camera app with augmented reality, one of the hottest technologies of the moment. If the rumor proves to be true, the search giant is expected to use its Google Goggles technology, allowing users to look up search results like nearby restaurants, public transport information, and retailers that would make buying products ...

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Gmail Makes Malware Warnings More Visible

Intelligence agencies around the globe are interested in gathering all sorts of information that might help them in their various operations. Sometimes, that involves hacking emails accounts, even though that’s a definite no-no from the user’s perspective. For a while now, Google has announced it can identify if a Gmail account is being tampered with by government-backed hackers, and warns ...

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Apple Inc. Announces Open Source Platform CareKit

Apple’s CareKit was announced today, promising to give a helping hand to developers of healthcare apps. Open-sourced software platform CareKit is similar to that of Apple’s ResearchKit, which is a software platform directed at scientists. ResearchKit works based on apps ranked in the Apple app store, allowing researchers to conduct various studies. However, CareKit is another thing altogether; the platform ...

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Competition Comes with Algorithmic Feeds on Twitter and Instagram

Are you witty enough? Are you pretty enough? If not, you might soon not be featured on your followers’ timelines anymore, thanks to Instagram’s and Twitter’s recent updates. The world of social networks is slowly following the same trend: algorithmically-sorted feeds, which isn’t just annoying for users, but it’s also a handful of problems for marketers. Some people don’t check ...

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Facebook Messenger Introduces New Secret Game in Chat

As far as messaging apps are concerned, Facebook’s Messenger is rather standard; it lets you send and receive messages, photos and videos, make phone calls, and has all the other features you’d expect from such an app. But sometimes a friend takes too long to reply, or the conversation has turned rather dull. Have you ever wished that you could ...

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Skype Translator New Skill: Speaking Arabic

Microsoft’s Skype Translator’s newest skill is rather impressive, as its creators have given it the ability to speak Arabic. According to a blog post, adding each language was a significant step forward, as it brought the translator closer to its goal: “breaking down language barriers for people across the world.” However, releasing the Arabic language update has been especially important, ...

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New Windows 10 Beta Build Brings Cortana to Brazil, Mexico

Friday brought great news for Microsoft users in Mexico, Brazil and French-speaking Canada as the company announced that its virtual assistant Cortana will start speaking their languages as well. In what was a major update to the Windows 10 beta, Microsoft decided to allow users in these countries to take Cortana for a spin. Not only is the virtual assistant’s ...

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YouTube’s New Tool Blurs Moving Objects

On Thursday, YouTube improved the face blur tool it launched in 2012 with a new Custom Blurring feature that allows content creators to hide some potentially sensitive information featured in their videos, be it on purpose or by accident. Even though a certain amount of YouTube videos thrive on these types of fails – nip slips and embarrassingly naïve users ...

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