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Ariana Whitmore

She has been writing columns on consumer gadgets since 2010. Her areas of interests include smartphones, tablets, mobile OS and apps. She holds M.C.S. degree and working on her startup, which aims to solve IT support issues.

Toy Fair 2016: Mattel Unveiled a Tech-enabled Dreamhouse

Manhattan hosted a different kind of consumers event this week, as the biggest toy makers in the world got together to show off their latest products to the press and most importantly to buyers. A lot of the upcoming products presented at The Toy Fair 2016 take a spin on old toys, because how else can you reinvent “fun”? And ...

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Send a Secret Valentine’s Day Message via Facebook Messenger

So it’s finally Valentine’s Day and you’re looking for a new way to show your significant other that you really, really love them. If you’ve done all the traditional gestures – chocolate and/or flowers, right? – and then some, Facebook wants to help you show a little digital affection. Strictly on February the 14th, users can send a secret Valentine’s ...

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MyShake App: Smartphones Will Soon Become Quake Detectors

Scientists have been trying for years to prove that some animals can sense an earthquake even days before the event, but maybe in the near future we won’t have to decipher their instincts. Thanks to a new app launched on Friday, smartphones will soon become quake detectors, even if only the makeshift kind. MyShake, currently available only on Android, was ...

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Facebook Wants to Incorporate Automated Captions in Its Video Ads

Facebook wants to incorporate automated captions in its video ads in an attempt to have its cake and eat it too. The social network seeks to increase advertiser revenue while also keeping the consumers happy. Just like all the other “free” memberships on the Internet, Facebook has a tight connection with advertising – how else could it remain one of the ...

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Twitter is Testing a Potential GIF Button, Rumor

Rumor has it that Twitter is testing a potential GIF button on its mobile platform. Without a doubt, Twitter is one of the most popular microblogging networks online, with the company reporting more than 320 monthly active users. At the same time, GIFs are definitely becoming one of the most preferred forms of communication online, so Twitter is probably thinking ...

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Fitbit Alta Is the Most Fashionable Fitness Tracker

It was about time. Manufacturers of fitness trackers are finally recognizing that the majority of the products in this category are bulky. Regardless of the company’s efforts of disguising its wearable tech, it’s almost impossible not to spot when a person counts their steps. The wristbands are anything but subtle. Fitbit, the popular wearable maker, gave us Fitbit Alta, a ...

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1 Billion: WhatsApp Is Now Used by 1 in 7 People Worldwide

alt="WhatsApp Is Now Used by 1 in 7 People Worldwide"

WhatsApp has passed the milestone of 1 billion monthly active users, according to Jan Koum, the head of the Facebook-owned messaging service. Even though it’s not the first social network to achieve this feat, WhatsApp is now used by 1 in 7 people worldwide. WhatsApp’s growth recently took an impressive turn; it was only 5 months ago that the company ...

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Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch: A Luxurious Timepiece for Women

As the smartwatch market gradually expands, the variety increases, too. Not all intelligent watches must sacrifice style by being bulky, rectangular or just plain gray and black. That’s the case of the smartwatch quietly released today by HP in collaboration with fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi. The Isaac Mizrahi Smartwatch was created as a luxurious timepiece for women, studded with Swarovski ...

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TV Set-boxes are a Glaring Exception from a Competitive Market

Thanks to various advances in technology, we have come to enjoy an impressive choice in how we view news, entertainment, and sports programming. American consumers basically watch what they want, where they want, when they want. However, there’s one dark cloud hovering over the consumer choice, as the TV set-boxes are a glaring exception from a competitive market. Statistics say that “99 percent of ...

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Ex-Twitter Executive Kevin Weil Reportedly Jumped Ship

It’s fairly common for executives in social media to exchange their “nest” for another one, and this “bird” executive flew straight to the nest of its direct rival. Ex-Twitter executive Kevin Weil reportedly jumped ship and will soon be joining photo-sharing platform Instagram as head of product. Should the reports be true, Weil is assumed to work directly under Kevin ...

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