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Ariana Whitmore

She has been writing columns on consumer gadgets since 2010. Her areas of interests include smartphones, tablets, mobile OS and apps. She holds M.C.S. degree and working on her startup, which aims to solve IT support issues.

Pavlov Poke – a kind of electric shock for Facebook addicts

There are too many people who keep spending time on Facebook. The problem of addiction has risen so much that they find themselves weak in front their addiction. The obsessive habit of this indulgence is so injurious that people spend almost one third of the day on the web, and the missing out what is important for them. For people ...

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Apple is getting globally seen: App Embark is ready to catch you.

Apple is among prestigious companies across world. What makes it more beloved among its users that it intently listens to complains and appreciation both and work upon it. The same goes with the map application in iOS which had been pretty unusable since long. Since, everything is getting global, so, of course a lot of people rely on the transit ...

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Arianna Huffington says: Use the real name for posting comments!

Arianna Huffington now takes a crucial step for civilizing the Huffington Post comment, right from the next month. The latest news announce that users will have to use their original names for commenting on the blogs, as the website would ban all the anonymous voting and commenting done on website. The major reason cited behind this step is the rising ...

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Amazon assures about Chromocast not being delayed

Chromocast is a wireless video streaming device launched by Google. Although, Amazon has been selling this product since last few months but customers are slightly worried about the reception of their product. However, Amazon wants to assure that Chromocast buyers should not be worrying about this and their order will not be delayed in any case. Contrary to this, e-mail ...

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